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iPhone 4G: Will Steve Jobs smash predictions at WWDC 2010?

It is fair to say that this year’s WWDC event in particular is one of the most eagerly anticipated events ever. It will interesting to see the audience reaction when Apple finally unveil the iPhone 4G device – unless Steve Jobs has a surprise for us.

This event is also quite unique, as it is the first time that an iphone 4G has been leaked in this way – thanks to the whole saga surrounding the lost/stolen prototype device which Apple has now admitted is the real thing.

However, we still don’t know if this prototype device is the final design which will be used for retail release. For all we know, Steve Jobs may have used that prototype device as consumer feedback and he may be planning to introduce a completely new design at WWDC 2010.

It seems unlikely that this will happen, given all the recent leaks on the device – but you never know whats in store with Apple. Will WWDC 2010 reveal that we have all been misled by the recent iPhone 4G leaks, or do you think the event will go as expected?

Give us your thoughts on this.


  • Josh S.

    I for one, have a couple of theories.
    I think that the new iPhone leak was premeditated. It's just like Hollywood scandals. Such as two lead characters being romantically involved off the set. It is staged to hype up the viewing audience for the release date. Apple obviously waited "too" long before they stopped the prototype from being leaked everywhere. That's one reason that WWDC 2010 is a highly anticipated event.
    Also, I think that the prototype being leaked is just like concept cars. The car is being made, but only a few at a time. This is done for TESTING and before it is in the wild, it is covered with some type of camouflage. Everything under the camouflage is all from the manufacturer, but the outer layer is just there until the ACTUAL model is ready for release.


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