Facebook Worm 2010: Clickjacking Prevention

By Peter Chubb - Jun 5, 2010

We discovered this week that Facebook has yet another worm to worry about in 2010, this latest one is known as clickjacking and is a web coding technique with a malicious intent. We seem to know so much about this latest threat but what Facebook users really want to know – is there a prevention?

For those who have not heard of Clickjacking, all it is, is put a simple button or another such item so you can click it, so it is a click plus hijacking. The code is invisible and uses either Flash or Javascript. The worm is browser based and has spread much quicker due to the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The best protection at the moment is NoScript and you will be pleased to learn that it is a free add-on for the Firefox browser. The script is not available for other web browsers at the moment – these include Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Ken Colburn from datadoctors has written an article on ABC 15, where he explains in detail about how the NoScript tool works. There is a second process to prevent yourself against clickjacking and that is by telling your Flash Player to always deny access to your mic or webcam, as the worm also affects Adobe’s player. For more details on this visit the link above.

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  • chris

    intel based macs are vulnerable now as well I would imagine

  • woop woop

    buy a mac!

  • SAS


  • lonnie w

    i lost all data on my computer due this "problem." cost me $100+ and no data was recoverable. the thing even ate my boot record so i basically had a giant paperweight sitting on my desk when i awoke one day last week! i simply opened an email tht was supposedly sent be one of my friends. . .spyware and virus detector did nothing in the was of protection. now i hear they knew about this? facebook sux bigtime

  • L13

    I had to take my computer in and have it cleaned. It costs me $80. The current spyware I had did nothing to protect me.

  • HelpJohn

    Set up a guest login on your computer then login as the guest. Your antivirus program should be able to scan and remove the program.

    • Guest Logins don't always help. All a guest login is capable of doing is setting up an account for people who don't access your computer as much.

  • Bryan

    Make a bootable AVG antivirus on another computer and then boot your infected computer with it: http://www.avg.com/ww-en/avg-rescue-cd

  • Slim Pickins

    Attn: John

    Go to start menu: Click windows:C,
    Then click Program files,
    Then locate the folder with the name of the virus protection program they are trying to sell you on it.
    Delete it. Or open it and delete all contents inside it.

    Then be sure to turn off your restore on your computer so that it will be deleted and not re-installed after you restart.


    You should turn back on restore after the restart.

    Should be gone.

    • Slim

      I forgot to add that the virus folder is usually called "anti-virus 7" and the folder will not let you delete it, if it is already active. It is activated by opening your browser or clicking on the icon it leaves on your desk top. You must restart to make it not active and be able to delete it. What I do is move the Antivirus 7 folder from the Program Files in :C drive to the desk top. Then restart and move it to the trash. It will let you delete it after the restart.
      Then be sure to recycle the trash. Restart again. All clean!

      These people at the top talking about ruined hard drives are probably talking about other viruses. But this hoax worm is easily avoided; if you avoid the fake virus warning and do not download this to the hard drive.
      If you have already like many of us have. Follow above instructions. You will be fixed in 10 minuets.
      (Roll back works sometimes too, I prefere removing it completly)

  • no!

    you got to get malwarebytes and rkill.com
    there is a website somewhere that tells you how to use it i did it a while ago
    you use rkill first i think to shut the virus down and then use malwarebytes anti malware to get rid of it

  • GW70

    Can you get System Restore to open? You could restore your computer to a point in time before you got the virus (assuming you have system restore enabled).

  • Chuck

    I fixed a laptop this week with this problem. First I took the computer back to an earlier date (about 2 months earlier). Then ran a program called Malwarebytes 1.41. It took a bit of time but, it did find the worm and malware and removed them!!! Hope this helps

  • sarah

    i got the same virus too.
    use another computer and google "antivirus soft removal".
    any of the first couple links will give you the few steps it takes to remove the virus.
    its pretty easy, and for the most part just involves going into safe mode and running a spyware removal program

  • john

    this worm i got it how can i get ridd of it it prevents everything from opening all my antivirus everything in my computer window pops up wanting to by a new anti virus program

    • Jen

      You have to take it to a computer professional. I had it as well and took it to the geek squad at bestbuy. It cost $200 to repair, but I did not lose any information from my computer. Good Luck!

      • NOT TRUE. The only time you do this is when your computer can't even start up. Instead of $200, just buy a $20 antivirus program from Best Buy called Webroot Antivirus. It is just about the best Antivirus software to date.

    • Gern Blanston

      use another computer and download "Combofix" for free and put it on with either a jumpdrive or a cd and run it on your infected computer.

    • carrie

      i have the same problem…did you find a solution?

      • Slim Pickins


        First restart computer and do not go online. You must do these steps the second your computer turns on. Because the virus program runs when you go online. Once running you cannot delete it until you restart. Just restart and follow steps below.

        Go to start menu: Click windows:C,
        Then click Program Files folder,
        Then locate the folder with the name of the virus protection program they are trying to sell you on it. Usually called "Anti virus 7"
        Delete Anti virus 7 folder. If it deies you from deleting, move the folder to you desk top and restart computer. When it restarts delete it.


        Should be gone.

    • Aden

      if you can open up internet explorer or your web browser, look up "malware bytes". Also, look up the name of the anti virus it wants you to buy. There is a forum that has walkthroughs for almost every fake antivirus – I believe it's got Geek in the title.

      They will most likely have a guide for the antivirus you have and can help you through it 🙂

    • joe

      The only way u can get rid of it is to buy a new hard drive from your modem. the worm is the worst virus u can get on your computer. also check your banking accounts to see if any money is missing. it happend to me once whoever started the worm that i got they took most of my money from my account . i called my bank to clear it up.

    • Elizabeth

      sounds like you have malware…my mom got that virus and we to go to tech to get it removed because I could not even restart the computer completely crashed the computer.

    • bill

      best thing to do is a system restore,best to go back at least 3 days.be quick at boot up…

    • Penny

      I got the same virus. Went to PC tools and got spyware dr. Fixed everything.

    • Jason

      go get avast! this is a free antivirus that works great and it able to clear all those nasty viruses etc…

      • Joe

        I had AVAST running when I got infected –

    • John

      If you have access to a another PC and a USB thumb drive download malwarebytes.org and download the free version to your thunb drive and install it on your infected computer.

      IF you do not have access to any of the above try the following:
      Go into your control panel -> internet options: Internet Properties will open go to the Connections tab. Click the LAN setting button on the bottom. Dialog box will pop-up with automatic configuration and proxy server settings. Uncheck all the boxes if you have any that are checked, this should at least give you chance to open a internet page without being hijacked to the fake anti-virus site. Now go to malwarebytes.org and download and scan your PC, it should catch the fake antivirus trojan and you should be also be able to run your ant-virus (don't forget to update it) program as well. If you still having problems, start your computer in safe mode with network connections. Restart your computer and hit F8 and you will see the safe mode choices. Then you should be able to get to an internet page and download malwarebytes and possibly run a virus scan. Good luck

    • Hey, I run a technology site, and i recommend getting Webroot Antivirus. Webroot is just about the BEST, and I mean, the BEST antivirus program out there. you can buy this at Best Buy, and it's only about $20. Just sweep your computer. It works great, and all my computers use it. It warns you about the sites you are either on or going on and whether they have viruses or any traces of these types of things. Once you sweep, you can get rid of the viruses and worms. If you have a program infected with an trace of worm or virus, all the program will do is take off the virus, and the program is still good and useable. I would recommend this the MOST instead of paying $200 for your computer to be fixed by a professional.