AT&T’s Data Plans: iPad 3G incentive before WWDC 2010

We have some great news for those of you planning to pick up an iPad 3G, as AT&T has revealed that customers who order before June 7th (i.e WWDC 2010) will still be able to select the unlimited data plan for $30.

As reported from BGR, AT&T seems to have sweetened the deal a little bit, for the millions of you who are still bitter on the carrier’s decision to axe unlimited data in favor of a 2GB data option for $25 per month.

AT&T state that if you order your iPad 3G before June 7th, and even if it arrives after that date, you’ll still be able to sign up to the old plan. Better than nothing eh?

But will this decision make you buy an iPad alone? 2GB or unlimited data for $5 difference a month is certainly a bigger incentive.

Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • jOHN

    Unlimited WIRELESS data plans are not sustainable. The majority don't need them, and a small minority abuse them. There is only so much specturm to go around, so you can't just "add more lines" to keep adding capacity.

    Verizon is going to eliminate their unlimited data plan. It is just a matter of time. Sprint and T-Mobile are in no rush because they have excess capacity, because they have so few data customers.

    As data capacity grows (with the launch of LTE) so will data usage grows, so the problem will continue.

    The elimination of unlimited data plans will force app developers and device manufacturers to find new ways to minimize data use. That's a good thing.

  • RBS

    The new data plans are garbage and are no more than a rip off to all new customers. If ATT was interested in offering data plans that are more accessible for those having trouble with paying $30 for unlimited, that is fine but this "caring for the customer" does not require to eliminate the unlimited plan. This was no more than a business decision to make more money because the 2GB/month will be easily exceeded, thus, there will be extra charge for the customer. I hope the iPhone will be soon available with Verizon. You will see how many ATT customers will depart as soon as the contracts are completed. No real user of a smartphone or the iPad will be satisfied with these data plans.

  • Jack

    Who said it's better than nothing, just may have it wrong. Why? Giving a person dying of thirst a glass of salty water really doesn't help quench the need. As consumers all of the new products are going to require more and more data consumption. Charging additional fees for the service is a ripoff ; thats the very thing that draws patrons to purchase these products is to have the ability to utilize these features. AT&T is the D E M O N seed!


  • Junaid Ahmed

    I bought it just for this reason!


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