Apple WWDC 2010: Live Keynote Coverage and Times

Monday, June 7, 2010 is the day of WWDC and for all those near a computer will want to know what the times will be for the keynote in their country and where they can find the live coverage of the event. You will not want to miss Steve Jobs as he tries to surprise us with the unveiling of the new 2010 version of the iPhone – something that Gizmodo already did last month.

The times for the event are as follows: 07:00AM – Hawaii, 10:00AM – Pacific, 11:00AM – Mountain, 12:00PM – Central, 01:00PM – Eastern, 06:00PM – London, 07:00PM – Paris and finally 10.30 PM – Mumbai.

There are a number of sources where you will be able to follow live coverage; Sandip Dedhia from Blogsdna has listed ten for us, which you can find here. OK, so you cannot visit them all at once, but just in case one of these blogs goes down then you can jump straight to the next one.

Apart from the expected announcement of the next iPhone, which we all assume will be called the 4G – what else can we expect? We know that there will be more news and a download release date for iPhone OS 4.0, but we hope to hear about Safari 5, which we recently discussed, an updated version of the Mac Mini and MacBook Air and more.

What else would you like to see from WWDC 2010?



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