Apple Keynote 2010: WWDC Live Video Stream

Not long to go until the start of WWDC 2010 and we thought we would offer you a great source for the live video stream of the Apple keynote. theAppleBlog already have their page setup for their live blog, they must be keen that’s all I can say. You can also follow them on Twitter to get live updates as it happens.

The Worldwide Developers Conference begins on Monday 10AM PST, but be aware that most blogs will start their coverage an hour before that time – just like theAppleBlog. The blog does point out that their live coverage is in conjunction with TechUniversity: Mac.

We know that Steve Jobs will start proceedings and that he should unveil the new 2010 version of the iPhone – something that Gizmodo had already done. We would like to call it the 4G, but as you can see from our recent post, there have been so many names that it is hard to know which is correct.

Other treats that we hope Steve and the team to bring us include: an upgrade to the Mac Mini with HDMI, which we discussed recently and an updated version of the current MacBook Air as it is not 12 months old.

These are just two products that we would like to see from the event, what else would you like to see?


  • drioucheuk

    i jus want to know how to change the language from english t frensh on tmobile g1__if u can help I 'll really appreciate it.__what i am looking at right now is not getting me anywhere.

  • Questioning

    where the heck do we go to see the video?


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