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Study: AT&T fastest network in U.S – Carrier Wars

We have a very interesting article for you to read now, as a recent study has concluded that AT&T is the fastest mobile network in the U.S, beating other carriers such as Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

As reported from BGR, the study has been conducted by PC Mag, who have used all the major carriers in the U.S to gather their results. This includes Verizon, T-Mobile, Cricket, and also a comparison with Sprint 3G and 4G.

Just so you perfectly understand the basis of their study, the results produced are related to mobile internet only – meaning that voice quality, dropped calls or coverage areas do not apply here.

With that in mind, PC Mag ran around 1,000 rounds of tests in 20 different cities and concluded that AT&T is the fastest in the U.S.

Don’t agree with their analysis? Check out their chart below for yourself. It will be very interesting to hear your feedback on this one.


  • anonymous

    The claim that at&t has the "fastest network" is such crap. They never have the fastest network when I do my tests…..I've been to VA,DC,NC,NY and FL and tested at&t againt sprint and verizon and at&t always comes in last so I don't know what they test or how they test it but however they do it is crap

  • MyHarpoon

    The problem isn't AT&T, it's the iPhone. I've received good voice coverage with many phones (Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, several Palm phones) on AT&T's network, but my fiance's iPhone drops calls left and right.

  • sml175

    I bought the Iphone 3Gs. Used it for two weeks and could not even imagine that I would end up hating the phone due to the carrier. This is such a shame. A great phone with a carrier that had the worst drop out rate I have ever had. I drove from Moneta VA to NJ to NYC for 3 weeks. Then on to Lake Champlain, Ticonderoga, Hague NY and into VT. It was always either dropped calls, little or no service or very clear for a few miles thne BAM, no service. ATT made me take the phone back and pre-order the new EVO. All due to such bad coverage.


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