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Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations: Video Guide

There is no denying how popular Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption is, and there seems to be no shortage of news at the moment. We had assumed that the game developer would attend E3 2010, but we recently reported that they do not have enough time to pull everything together – funny, thought they have had a year?

We know how much Red Dead Redemption users have been searching for those treasure locations, which is why we recently wrote a post offering these locations in detail. We thought that we would try to make things a little easier for you by offering you this Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations: Video Guide.

This guide will allow you to complete the treasure hunter challenge much easier than trying to finish the task on your own. B4tea has spent some time and effort on these videos, there are nine altogether, these include: Rhodes’ Gold, Jackson’s Gold, Calhoun’s Gold, Tubman’s Gold, Brown’s Gold, Douglass’ Gold, Garrison’s Gold, Pickett’s Gold and finally Stonewall’s Gold.

We could sit here all day and explain it for you in detail, but we thought we would put all nine videos of Red Dead Redemption Treasure Locations below. We hope they help.



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