Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy for Mac OS X

By Gary Johnson - Jun 4, 2010

A great historical adventure game has just been released for users of Mac OS X. Nostradamus – The Last Prophecy has players solving a series of puzzles and riddles that are inspired by the works of Nostradamus.

Released by Coladia and Anuman Interactive the game takes players through the worlds of medicinal plants, medicine, and astrology. The game follows the same format as The Secrets of Da Vinci – The Forbidden Manuscript game.

Players are dropped into a gripping thriller where ancestral prophecies and political scheming are intertwined. The adventure has players working their way through from one murder to another in a test-riddled forensic investigation, while creating the suspense of a great detective novel.

US English, Spanish, Italian, French and German languages are supported. The game is a universal application and runs on Mac computers sporting Intel or PowerPC G5 processors. The game can be purchased as a download from Coladia, and Macgamestore for $29.90.

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