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New iPhone 4G: Over hyped? – Ten reasons not to buy

Are you still hanging on the fence over the decision to pick up the upcoming iPhone 4G handset from Apple? An interesting article we have found has picked out 10 reasons why you shouldn’t pick up Apple’s latest toy.

The article comes to us courtesy of The Telegraph, who have provided a list of 10 detailed reasons on why the iPhone 4G isn’t as good as all the hype suggests.

The first reason they pinpoint is price. They believe that customers will get much more value for money by opting for the latest Blackberry or Android handset. They have also called the iPhone 4G ”anti-technology”, adding that the design lacks cutting edge.

Another reason they highlight and arguably the biggest flaw of the iPhone, is that it lacks Adobe Flash support. However, the article also claims that the iPhone 4G won’t contain multitasking, which we all know is a blatent lie.

Make of this article as you will, but let us know if you think the iPhone 4G has been over hyped or not. Either way, the real picture will be painted at WWDC on Monday.



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