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New iPhone 4G: No iPad tethering say AT&T

Following on from this week’s huge news that tethering will finally be allowed on the iPhone via OS 4.0, AT&T has issued a statement saying that the Apple iPad will not have support for tethering at the moment.

As reported from Apple Insider, the carrier has stated that this is not a policy decision, but rather an issue with Apple and due to software limitations on the iPad.

Tethering will be available to customers on June 7th when AT&T’s new data plans go into effect – although customers will have to pay an additional $20 per month on top of the price of their data plan.

Apple Insider reports that Apple may release a future software update to allow iPhone tethering with the iPad, but as things stand at the moment – users will have to do without this feature.

Let us know your thoughts on the news. Disappointed or not?



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