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New iPhone 2010: Is it anti-technology?

The new iPhone 2010 should be announced at WWDC this Monday, Apple fans will be waiting in anticipation to find out when they will be able to get their hands on the latest smartphone. However, Alan Ng recently wrote a post saying that the next iPhone is over hyped and lists ten reasons why not to buy. One of those reasons is because the iPhone is anti-technology.

This is certainly a bold statement – one that deserved a closer look. We would like to point out that it was not Alan who made this statement, rather his source – the Telegraph. They start by saying that when Apple first launched the iPhone it was cutting-edge technology, now it seems that Apple is holding out on us.

Most smartphones allow you to use it as a shareable Wi-Fi hotspot – something that Apple does not. It is not that they cannot do it; it is just down to economics. We hope that Apple will come to its senses soon and give the customers what they want.

Another reason why the iPhone or rather Apple is anti-technology is because of iPod and iPhone docks. If they did not push hotels to supply these docks then there would be more Wi-Fi radios hitting the market. It is for this reasons that not enough new technologies are hitting this market.

Do you have any other reasons why the iPhone is anti-technology?



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