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Motorola Droid: Android 2.2 Froyo Update Sign-Ups

We have an update for Motorola Droid users who are waiting patiently for the update to Android 2.2 Froyo, as Motorola has informed everybody that you can now sign-up on their forum to receive a notification for when the update will be available.

As reported from Phandroid, the Motorola Droid on Verizon is likely to be the next handset that receives the full Froyo 2.2 update. We say next, but actually the Nexus One still hasn’t had the proper update, since Google removed it after a premature release.

However, Motorola now states that you can sign up on their forums here, and whenever there is fresh news regarding the Froyo update – you’ll be the first ones to know. This is obviously an indication that Motorola are working around the clock to get the Froyo update to users – so this is definitely good news.

Hopefully the update will arrive before the end of the month. Let us know when you have signed up.


  • chris

    What the? Hurry up already… everything on droid x is awesome,except this missing link. I gave up my incredible and now…”Hopefully. In a monTH O

  • Get your 2.2 Froyo ROM for droid, with flash, wifi all tested… plus check out those benchmarks

    • Drex552

      Heck ya! Loving the 2.2 Froyo ROM. Running 1.25Ghz Wifi kernel. Droid benches better than Nexus One 2.2 on Quadrant…wow! Droid still is a force to be reckoned with.

      @Paladin – You’ll have it soon enough. If it weren’t for the partnership between Google, Motorola, and Verizon, we wouldn’t even be talking about Froyo. There is more of a user base on the Droid than Nexus One, and probably more frustrating for Droid users is that Flash 10.1 was promised early 2010, and now we need an update to 2.2 to get it…you bet Motorola is gonna move on getting it out there along with Verizon quickly! This is one of the biggest frustrations among co-workers that aren’t even tech savvy.

      I’m just so excited to see Android taking off compared to iPhone. I laughed at WWDC ’10 video clip of Apple having network issues. Stevo finally getting what he deserves. Can’t believe how everyone laughed when he was being serious about setting down your laptops/PDAs to get a WiFi signal. (audience seemed like drones) Can’t believe their engineers couldn’t figure out a solution to the problem quickly or upfront for that matter. (e.g. QoS, and AP restrictions)

  • gary

    paladin …. you really are just a simple creature

  • Jay

    I agree with Paladin… One of the main selling factors for me for the N1 was that it's Google's baby, and would get any updates first. I'd be quite upset if I were to learn that's not the case, and phones like the Droid get Froyo first!!

  • Paladin

    I will be pi… err, very angry if the Droid gets Froyo ahead of my Nexus One. The N1 is supposed to be Google’s test phone. If they don’t have a stable Froyo release for it, then how can Froyo itself be released?

    • Vestat

      Easy bro; "Droid Does."
      Can't wait.

  • bullbutter

    Why sell a phone that is incompetant and then work out details for being able to use the darn thing? Is Google just another corporate shark out for blood (money)? Send that there are more and more lpeople and companies out there which are morally bankrupt.

    • artist33

      Google is one of the most successful companies in business today. The reason being that they go above and beyond with everything they work on. Motorola is the actual company responsible with allowing the final release to be presented to Verizon, for them to approved the update. I would rather wait and get everything completely right before update and needing to re-update again and again.

  • tswagz

    Old news


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