McDonald’s Shrek Glass Recall: 12 Million Glasses Contain Cadmium

It seems as if every week another major company announce a recall, this week is no different as we are hearing that McDonald’s are recalling 12 million Shrek glasses due to contamination concerns.

It is thought that the Shrek-themed glasses recalled feature a painted design, apparently this painted design contains traces of Cadmium, long-term exposure to Cadmium has previously been linked to kidney problems and bone softening.

There are four different designs to look out for, they all promote the upcoming movie “Shrek Forever After”, designs include paintings of Donkey, Puss in Boots, Shrek and Princess Fiona.

If you own one of these glasses the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommend that you immediately stop using the glasses, a McDonald’s spokesman recently stated that the amount of Cadmium that the glasses contain is very slight, however “”slightly above the protective level”.

To find out more about the recall check out the source link below.

Source: Chron


  • rebecca

    I have the whole entire set. Including the phamplets in them. Before they were recalled, i really just wanted donkey. So i ended up buying shrek and puss n boots. Then i went to another mcdonalds and they had my donkey. i bought him and fiona since i had the other two. I was about to drink out of my donkey until i saw the recall on t.v. This really sucks. I still have my glasses in the brown bags that they wrapped them in and still have the paper codes to go with them inside. I do have children, but they are to younge to be drinking out of glasses like this. I just was a fan of shrek because they like him and my fav was the donkey. Im so glad that my children did not get in contact with them. Is it wrong to sell them to a collector who wants them for a collection? I don't want a child to come in contact with them. 3 dollars a glass is a fair deal with mcdonalds, but if i can sell them for more, my children would benefit. Again, would this be the mark of the devil if another child got their hands on these glasses?

    • john

      u r a crazy person

  • joanne

    does any one know is it just the shrek 4 glass, cuz i have the glass from shrek one and two

  • Josh

    I have the whole set and Im just keeping them as display and to collect thanks for the recall it just made my glasses more valueable and rare

  • Wendy

    MMM… We are just getting over a serious case of bronchitis. We have about 9 of these glasses and I wonder how would one go about finding out if this possibly caused our sons illness?

  • What about the Shrek Toys in the happy meals… What are those made of?

  • chanel

    I work at McDonald's, and when we started recalling them, they said "Oh the paint is falling off". What a bunch of bullshitters. I'm going to tell every customer that comes in. That's terrible. If they think the paint is falling off, they'll probably keep it just cause they're still durable glasses. But it's poisonous, like wtf. I'm not going to lie to people.

  • geraldo

    My bet is the glasses came from ARC International's glass factory in Nanjing, China.

    Arc International Glassware (Nanjing) Co., Ltd, China

  • tom

    Children, children, before you go off half cocked google cadmium and learn something, like it's toxicity and prevalence. If you smoke or have nicad batteries in the house you are likely at higher risk than this made-up scare. Like almost all of the substances EPA is protecting you from, they are only really toxic in industrial situations. In this case manufacturing nicad batteries or cad-plating metals.

  • Jack Mehoffer

    …wait am I suppossed to be glowing green and sh*t now… oh jesus …

  • Angela Gebbia

    I have 2 sets of these , we have not used them yet , ~~ so do i return them and get my money back ? ( i really only wanted 1 of Feona w/ the baby…)

    • unknown

      i dont think you should. as long as you dont drink out of them you shouldnt have a problem..

      McDonalds Emplyee

    • Melanie Washington

      Would you consider selling a set to me? If so how much would you charge? Thank you.

      • cody

        hey i have a full 4 glass set unused never even been washed i know its been a while since you posted this comment but if your interested hit me up my email is

  • how about a doll made of super Shrek

  • MAKK11

    We've been using the Shrek glasses from Shrek 3 for years now. I have a feeling we shouldn't be using them, as it's obvious McDonald's isn't testing for Cadmium.

  • Guest

    How out of the loop is this reporter? It is THOUGHT that the glasses have a painted design? Did you happen to look at the picture for the Shrek Glasses? Yeah, there's a definite design on them. Also, stating that the movie is upcoming is completely wrong, since it's being shown in theaters currently.

    Time to crawl out from under the rock where your typewriter is located and see what's going on in the real world.

  • Mao Zhaotong

    Were the glasses made in China?

  • Bill

    What about previously released Shrek c=glasses from when the first movie came out?


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