Kidnapped Daughter: Facebook Reunites Mother and Child

By Peter Chubb - Jun 4, 2010

Whenever there is news about Facebook it is always negative, so it is nice to say something positive about the social networking site. Who would have thought that a kidnapped daughter would ever be found on Facebook – well that’s what happened as mother and child have now been reunited.

The mother had not heard from her daughter for 15 years, she had tried everything in the past and finally turned to Facebook as a last resort. She typed in the name of her missing child and came across a picture that looked a lot like her offspring. She then befriended her daughter and began talking to her.

According to the teenager was living in Central Florida, who has been there since her father took her in 1985 along with her sister. KTLA 5 reports that the mother assumed the father, Faustino Utrera took the children to Mexico.

Because of a simple search on Facebook, the father has now been arrested and the children are expected to be returned to their mother soon.

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