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iPhone 4G 2010: New Update on Prototype Investigation

For those of you who have been keeping a close eye on the iPhone 4G prototype investigation, we can now tell you that police are now conducting an examination on the computers and devices belonging to Gizmodo editor Jason Chen.

According to Apple Insider, authorities have now begun to obtain information from the equipment that was seized from Chen’s home when a raid took place a few weeks ago.

It is thought that officials are now trying to determine whether Chen is protected as a journalist under state laws, as Gawker Media – the company which owns Gizmodo are still arguing that the search warrant used to raid Chen’s home was invalid.

Meanwhile, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has questioned whether Chen should be referred to as a ‘journalist’ or not, and used the word ‘extortion’ when talking about the stolen prototype.

Let us not forget that Chen has yet to be charged with a criminal offence, so the case is far from over yet. Give us your thoughts on the ongoing investigation.


  • Joe

    just let the guy go… even if the phone they reviewed wasn't the real iPhone, I enjoyed Gizmodo's video review.

    The purpose of the media is to inform, inspire and educate. Isn't that exactly what Gizmodo did? Like it or not, the guy is a journalist.


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