HTC EVO 4G Problems: Do you have any?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 4, 2010

We reported this morning that the HTC EVO 4G is now available, but it seems that some handsets are suffering from a storage bug. Messages have been appearing stating that was”insufficient file permissions”. Some users said that their handset would not read the storage card at all however, there now seems to be a 13mb OTA update.

If this is the case then those just unpacking their HTC EVO 4G from Sprint should not notice any hassle – although Tim Stevens from Engadget suggests upgrading to a 32GB microSD card and throwing the small 8GB away.

We are certain that this will not be the only problem that users will experience – you only have to look back at when the Droid Incredible was released last month, which is another HTC handset.

The Incredible had a number of issues, from touchscreen to signal strength problems. All have now been fixed, but does show that there are always problems when a new device is released.

Do you have any HTC EVO 4G Problems?

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