HTC EVO 4G Problems: Do you have any?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 4, 2010

We reported this morning that the HTC EVO 4G is now available, but it seems that some handsets are suffering from a storage bug. Messages have been appearing stating that was”insufficient file permissions”. Some users said that their handset would not read the storage card at all however, there now seems to be a 13mb OTA update.

If this is the case then those just unpacking their HTC EVO 4G from Sprint should not notice any hassle – although Tim Stevens from Engadget suggests upgrading to a 32GB microSD card and throwing the small 8GB away.

We are certain that this will not be the only problem that users will experience – you only have to look back at when the Droid Incredible was released last month, which is another HTC handset.

The Incredible had a number of issues, from touchscreen to signal strength problems. All have now been fixed, but does show that there are always problems when a new device is released.

Do you have any HTC EVO 4G Problems?

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  • yo0

    phone sucks ass. clicks stuff by it self ALL THE TIME. almost impossible to use it

  • alex

    my evo turns on and off and the mic stopped working si i cant talk to any one i hope they get me a new phone or fix it

  • Brad D

    I can't get my aol email for some reason. all of a sudden it stopped working. I can still get yahoo email but not Aol.

  • Lena

    Ok can someone please tell me…do all the htc evo 4g phones…have to send SMALL pictures so that it can go through? Or am i doing something wrong?

  • tango

    my 3g network is so slow and 4g wouldn't turn on >?????

  • Shelley

    I just got my evo on Monday, and everytime I open up an app, my screen is automatically flipped without me flippin it, because of this I only have 1 choice of a keyboard not 3 like other evos. When I restart ang go back to keyboard access, I have a choice of 3: but as soon as I flip it, it goes back to only 1 choice again…AGGRAVATING!!!

  • rkick07

    piece of shit!

  • parker294

    Ever since HTC came out with their new update, my emails are auto deleting. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • tomas

    my evo phone is acting up casue i put i made a gmail acc and i had to make a gmail acc and soon the email is incoreect so then i put in my other emails like yahoo and aol and it worked fine until today the emails r not working none of them!! and ppl r counting on me to send photos and vid to the computer and i cant right now

  • Alan

    I'm having Email issues with the EVO. If I try and set up my work account (as a IMAP) it never asks me if my server requires authentication so I can send email using this account but it won't download my inbox. So I try setting it up as an exchange (which we do have but for other reasons I needed it set up as an IMAP) but it wont finish setting it up either

  • lori

    Does anyone have a problem with incoming calls or call history of all the numbers running together????? mine doesn't show any spaces between the phone numbers and its to hard to read!!!!!! returning PHONE

  • weekie

    im having problem with my evo4g, my screen just went blank,i don't know what to do. i can't get in contact with customer sevices.

  • Chii

    I currently have two main problems.. I have not a single scratch on my phone, I've taken extra care to make sure my new baby doesn't get hurt… but I've noticed a nice giant crack across the camera lens- possibly attributed to heat/humidity? Has anyone else had this?

    Other problem is when I go to set my wallpaper and I bring up my picture gallery of photos I've taken, the first 6-8 rows show one random pic as the thumbnails with the top half of said thumbnail showing as a snowy scrambly screen. Almost looks as if it is a virus at work.

    • hoosierdentist

      I've had the same problem with the cracked camera lense. I always have my phone in a pouch for my belt or carry it using the rubber case. Never dropped the phone. I just now had the problem with the black screen where I can't see anything and of course cannot opperate the phone. Going to try to take it back to the store.

  • Kevin

    LOVE this phone but I have to charge it 3 times a day, it will almost run down a full charge overnight with all my apps killed. My screen just went black which is why I found this thread. I pulled the battery and that got it back on, but I'm nervous…

  • felip

    MY Battery doesn't last for S^%$#, for some reason it gets drained very,very fast, even after using appkiller, it still does not last too long

  • Jay

    My screen went black today as well. I have removed the battery and did a hard reset on the phone but nothing will get the screen to come back on. Really hope they fix the problems with this phone. Only 3 days old.

  • Richard

    OK…so i had my EVO for 2 days up and running and WHAM the screen went BLANK!! The phone was great until this happened. Of course the Sprint store is out of stock and so is Sprint when you call them…and they are going to charge me for a new one before they credit me for the return…I am on the verge of going back to Verizon!

  • I've had problems with mine. The deal-breaker problem is with the headphone jack. I think others have had this problem too. I was having issues with the EVO suddenly playing music at random when something was connected to the headphone jack. I have a line input in my car and when I plugged it in to listen to some audio on a web page it starting blasting music (the web page audio was very quiet so I had to turn up the stereo in the car to hear it). It's also done this when unplugging! It'll do it with both the android media player and the double twist player that I installed. It turns out that faulty jacks (including in mine) are causing the phone to think a headset (not headphones) is connected. You can tell because the icon on the top bar is different (one has headphones, the other has headphones with a boom mic). If I twist or repeated plug and unplug the connection the icon will change. I suspect that these phone must support some sort of inline media controls. None of my headphone have these controls, but it makes sense that if the jack in the phone is malfunctioning it could be sending media player commands (like play, next track, previous, etc.). This is totally unacceptable. I can't be worried that every time I plug in (or worse, UNPLUG, yes it has happened to me more than once) headphones a random track of music is going to start blasting out. I think I'm going to avail myself of the 30 return policy and get an iPhone 4. I really wish I hadn't paid the early termination fee on my iPhone 3G already. I could have qualified for the special upgrade deal that Steve announced (the day I received my EVO, no less).

    • Muhammad

      I had the same problem, I believe that your headphones are not inserted all the way. They should snap or click into place. Hope this helps

  • Dennis

    I can’t believe all these problems! I would be pissed. I no longer buy HTC junk because I felt they use the public as testers. That’s BS. The equipment should NOT be this buggy… I also read the video is not as good as the 3gs. Where’s that hi def recorder !?

  • sen

    i been downloading many apps for the phone to see if it is powerful enough to keep up with me since i bought it the first day and then one night the htc.sene. thing kept force closing on me and it kept doing it on all the default browsers and default apps i put on the main screen it is still doing it until i rebooted it and erased my settings but now i have to change everything back even though its fine now but thats too much of a hassle to do that just to see the phone not being able to handle it please someone i need feedback one why the phone kept forceclosing on me maybe i had too many apps or maybe all android phones suck because i use to have a mytouch

  • JRT

    My original EVO phone started a continuous reboot after about 2 days. Replaced it with a new one (kudos to the Sprint store for being very helpful) and it has also started doing this after 2 days.

  • -Dave

    We bought 2 EVOs and both have horrible issues with the ear speaker…sounds awful. Speakerphone is fine.

  • Jesse

    My wife's evo and my evo went to a black screen today. I had to pull the battery to get my back on. Will do the same for the other when she gets home. Also had the evo splash reboot bug (changed exchange pw to fix that). And I've yet to make a successful qik video call to each other. When I call the other phone, it usually caused it to reboot.

  • Steve

    Bought two EVOs one for me and one for my wife. She has her's sitting on her desk with *Everything* turned off: no gps, no wifi, no 4g, no bluetooth. Me: all of the above turned on and using the thing throughout the day. I get 15hrs of battery, hers burns clean dead after 4 hrs of IDLE. Furthermore, I put the two on the desk next to each other, mine has 3g network accessibility, hers has none. She can't even see the market. I can surf whatever I like. Called Radio shack for replacement, of course they're out of stock with people waiting on preorders… sigh…

  • Bobby Jones

    My evo's screen went black on me earlier. Now I am left with a device that can receive calls, but the screen remains black. Unfortunately there are no Evo replacements in my area either. HTC needs to work on maintaining a higher quality levels on there products. First I had issues with the Mogul, than the Touch Pro, and now the EVO. At least sprint gives me credits for my issues with their phones or I would have been long gone and onto the iPhone.

  • Jim

    Bought the EVO Friday morning. Worked awesome until Saturday afternoon. The phone began shutting down as if the battery was pulled. Would not turn back on until a battery pull or plugging in the charger. Now it will only stay on for a few minutes then the problem repeats. The Wifi is quite fast, I returned my Wifi Hotspot card so now I am out of internet. Bought at Best Buy, waiting on a replacement… Arrrrrrrrgh!

  • Chuck

    my ear piece does not work; can only make calls on blue tooth or speaker

  • lothar

    Reboots to welcome screen continually. Over and Over. Can't access anything. Don't have a fix yet.

  • Matthew

    I can't add a name to a new contact that I add manually to the phone. The screen does not allow me to click on Name and title the contact.

    • Bobby

      Same exact thing here too. Cannot add or edit the "Name" field in Contacts!

  • Shanno

    My EVO screen has gone blank and unresponsive 3 times since I got it Friday. Pulling the battery out to force a reboot has fixed it each time though.

    I guess I'll have to go to the Sprint service center =(.

    • sal

      My evo screen stopped working always problem.with every phone I’ve had unless. It’s a cheap one come on Sprint get it together

  • Tom Murillo

    A bit strange on touch screen (15% area). In the middle of screen, I cant click "DISCARD" button in gmail. I have to go through menu to discard the email. If I press numkeys – 4, 5 or 6 in Fring, I cant click it. If I do email in landscape, I cant click Y.

    I downloaded the draw app to verify the touch screen quality, I am able to draw across the screen. It proves that touch screen is ok.

  • Jwash

    My phone runs great except for one thing. My head phone jack is messed up. Every time I put my head phones on it makes my phone go into voice command. So as soon as there are more EVO’s out I’m going to get it replaced.

    • Muhammad

      I believe that you headphones are not pushed down all the way. It should click or snap into place, if not try using a different set of headphones. Hopes this helps

  • Tony

    I’ve been loving mine. The issues that I’ve been having is signal strength and roaming issues. The signal strength is just all over the place. The phone won’t carry a strong, if any, roaming signal. It has rebooted once by itself and I’ve had 1 or 2 SD issues. I’ve been an AT&T cos for over 4 years and if Sprint can’t fix the roaming issue with this phone, I may be going back. My wife was with Sprint and didn’t have any roaming issues in that same location a year back so I’m assuming it’s this phone. Please fix because I’m loving the phone just not the service right now!!!

  • digi

    Atomic pink coloring on main camera.

  • Seb

    bought 2 evos on the 4th, one worked perfect and the other started glitching right away, no 3g at first, phone rebootinting by its self and the phone would freeze up only way to clear it was to pull the battery out of i, had to pull the battery out at least 25 times the first night, spent all night on the line with tech support told me to go back to the store to exchange it, went back to the store and they would not exchange it, told me could not exchange it because they had to sell them to paying customers after i just spent almost $700 on 2 phones and accessories, i then had to drive to a repair facility, get it checked out , get a repair ticket to go back to the original store and finally exchanged, luckly one of the guys had some pity for me and held one for me before they sold out . way to go sprint and Dan Hesse the CEO, some much with the 30 day no question policy.

  • ltfromip

    g-sensor on my evo lags for a looooong time and some times does not rotate period, tried calbrating but was to no avail. help???????

    • Sasha

      Love the phone but having the same issue as “ltfromip”. Conducted hard reset, calibrating several times. Been searching the net to see if anyone else is having this issue. I see that there are more. The screen rotates and may or may not rotate back or it appears very jumpy, sometimes rotates on it’s own without me evenin tilting the phone. I am waiting to exchange. My husbands phone does not do this.

  • Ashly

    Yeah, same here. My screen went blank as well. Which sucks.

  • Kris

    I am having issues with a fairly large area of the touchscreen (about a 15% area) being unresponsive. Trying some screen recalibration solutions, as recommended by Radio Shack, which they said they would replace if I cannot get it to work.

  • JVD

    My EVO screen went blank this afternoon. Sprint ran out of phones to replace it so i need to wait until they get more. i enjoyed it for a few hours.