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HTC EVO 4G: Did you get yours?

The day is now here, the HTC EVO 4G is now available online and in store – well those that decided to open early. Have you got yours? Did you pro-order yours or have you decided to wait and hope by chance that Sprint, Best Buy, Wal-mart or Radio Shack have any handsets left?

There are so many pros and cons against this latest Android handset, but let us not forgot that the HTC EVO 4G has made history by becoming the first 3G/4G smartphone. This would not have been possible on AT&T or Verizon – only Sprint as a portion of their network is ready for this 4G technology.

For those who have taken the plunge, we wonder why you chose the EVO 4G over other handsets such as the HTC Droid Incredible or the upcoming 2010 version of the iPhone, which we should hopefully learn more about at WWDC on Monday.

If you did get your handset today then you would have paid $199.99 on a two-year contract and after an instant and mail-in rebate. There are so many reasons to choose the EVO 4G; maybe it is the idea of having a 4G capable handset or the fact that you will have a screen larger than most other smartphones n the market?

Did you get your HTC EVO 4G today, if so for what reason?


  • Felix

    I pre ordered mine and have an appointment to pick it up in about an hour and a half. This phone has all the technical specifications a "tech junkie" like me demands, It looks hot, has Android OS, plenty of features and not to mention that currently has Sprint as a carrier, whom has the cheapest plan out there for data, and mobile calling. I cant wait and i know it is going to rock!


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