Cadmium Metals and Poisoning: List of Products

When we reported to you yesterday that a protein shake was found to include a number of ingredients that should not be there – one of those was cadmium – we were shicked. We thought that was bad enough so just imagine our shock when Jamie Pert reported that a McDonald’s Shrek Glass also contained cadmium metals.

This got us thinking as to what other products contain this chemical? We thought we would do a little search and come up with a list for you. There were reports on May 11 that Claire’s had to issue a recall on 19,000 ‘Best Friends’ kids jewelry as it contained high levels of toxic cadmium. More details on this can be found at the Thaindian News

Wal-mart had to pull Miley Cyrus children’s jewelry of its shelves as it too contained high levels of heavy metal cadmium. More information can be found on USA Today

These are just some of the products that we managed to find for you, but it is the protein shakes that we are more worried about as the metal cadmium will find its was into the blood stream and cause serious damage such as digestive problems and kidney problems.

For more details on these cadmium related recalls visit CPSC



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