Cadium Metals and Mcdonalds: Shrek Glass Recall – The Truth

Following on from our earlier report, which informed you about the huge recall of 12 million Shrek glasses by Mcdonalds, we now have a detailed analysis of the dangerous metal that is causing so much panic.

Whether you know it or not, cadmium is a metal which is known to be a health hazard. Healthcare Medifield has provided us with a very useful guide on the dangers of cadmium, with facts taken from the US Department of Health and Human Services – an agency which specialize in toxic substances and disease registry.

If you have been affected by the Mcdonalds Shrek Glasses recall and seek further information on the dangers of cadmium exposure, you’ll be pleased to know that the link provided above contains all the facts that you require.

The article lists the types of illnesses that can be caught after cadmium exposure, the dangers for children who are exposed to the metal, and also ways to avoid being exposed in the future.

This guide on cadmium could prove to be very important for you or your friends who have had contact with cadmium. Let us know if you have any thoughts on this.




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