Boy Saved by Croc Shoes: The Electric Shock Story

An amazing story to share with you now, as it has been reported that a 3-year old boy in the UK owes his life to his pair of Croc shoes after they saved him from certain death as a result of an electric shock caused by a hair dryer.

As reported from FoxNews, the boy has been named as Harley Sutton-Dormer, who was at a swimming pool changing room when the incident happened.

His mother didn’t know that the hair dryer she used was faulty, which then sent a wave of electricity through Harley’s face and body. However, since Harley was wearing a blue pair of Crocs made of plastic, the material ‘charred’ the electricity and prevented the bolt from reaching his legs and feet. His Crocs certainly saved him from serious injury, so his parents should consider their son very lucky to be alive.

We wonder what affect this particular story will have on future sales of Croc shoes. Has this inspired you to buy your children a pair? Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • Auntie Crock

    Do they have to be blue to save your life?

  • lisa

    Oh heck no, but it does make me want to check my hair dryer before using it.


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