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AT&T iPhone 4G Release Date Soon – iPhone 3G ‘Out of Stock’

Looking for more proof of an iPhone 4G release? Well here is some more for you, following speculation surrounding AT&T cutting the iPhone 3G we are now hearing that the iPhone 3G is now out of stock from the U.S. carrier.

This news originally surfaced on BGR, they have apparently received what was supposed to be an internal memo for AT&T staff, this memo basically states that AT&T sales staff should push sales of the iPhone 3GS as the carrier doesn’t know when more Apple iPhone 3G 8G stocks will arrive.

At the moment it seems as if the iPhone 3G is still readily available from AT&T (see here), experts believe that the iPhone 3G will soon be discontinued by AT&T, in it’s place will be the iPhone 3GS, hopefully at a cheaper price. I am pretty sure this will happen when the iPhone 4G is revealed.



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