Apple Mac mini: HDMI Version to Appear at WWDC 2010?

By Jamie Pert - Jun 4, 2010

If you check out Apple’s Mac mini range you will see one noticeable disappointment, this is that none of the models offer HDMI connectivity, however we may soon see this change.

The last major upgrade to the Mac Mini gave the small desktop computer a faster processor and more storage, according to recent reports from AppleInsider, Mac mini stocks are low, which usually means Apple are planning to roll-out a new version.

It is thought that Apple will replace the mini’s DVI port with an HDMI port, apparently this has been seen in other Mac mini prototypes, therefore could well be seen in the coming weeks.

With Apple’s WWDC event just a few days away there is a lot of speculation regarding which software and technologies will be revealed, it is pretty much certain that a fourth-generation iPhone will appear, perhaps we will also see a new Mac mini.

Will you buy an Apple Mac mini if it features a HDMI port?

Source: SlashGear

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  • George

    I’ve been holding off on buyin one just because of the hdmi port. I love the form factor for an all around media center in my living room, but not having hdmi makes me want to go mini itx pc

  • Tommy

    Add HDMI and a eSATA port or two, a Blue-ray drive, a SSD and 7.1 audio out.

  • I would love a mac mini with an hdmi. plus maybe blu ray too that would be sick

  • Mike

    I'd totally buy one if I came with HDMI. Then I can ditch my Mac Pro and build my gaming PC.

  • Paul

    I hope this isn't a dumb question, but if they put the hdmi port does that limit my to use just one monitor on my desk? I was going to get a mini because of size and the fact I could use two DVI monitors like I'm used too using.


    I would consider buying one if it had a HDMI port.