Verizon iPhone 4G or iPad: What do you want more?

A few hours ago, tech website BGR received a pretty hot tip that Verizon Wireless were currently testing the waters with a CDMA compatible iPad – supposedly due out ‘very soon’.

They also mentioned that the Verizon iPad would ‘probably’ be released along with the iPhone 4G – which also would be a modified version built for Verizon’s CDMA networks.

They state that the information has come from a ‘highly placed source’ – but what do you think? It now seems very likely that the iPhone 4G will land on more than one carrier in the U.S, but will the iPad be joining the 4th generation iPhone on Big Red?

More importantly – which would you welcome more? An iPhone or iPad 3G this Summer? We can’t help but feel that Verizon customers are getting spoilt this Summer – especially with the arrival of two new Droid handsets as well.

Let us know your thoughts on this, we’ve created a poll for you below.

[poll id=”164″]


  • geek4sale

    Apparently… it is.

  • Frelm

    What do you want more? WTF? English isn't that hard, is it?


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