Sky iPad App: Mobile TV – Sports and News

By Gary Johnson - Jun 3, 2010

It has been announced that Sky has released an app that offers users access to all of Sky’s sport channels. The app for the iPad also allows users gain access to Sky News, Sky Sports News, ESPN and AT The Races.

NetWorkworld are reporting on a story by Nick Spence of, that the app allows users to get live events like the Barclays Premier League, Coca Cola League games, and the Scottish Premier League. Other events that are covered include the PGA golf from the US and Europe, live coverage of domestic and international cricket, Guinness Premiership Rugby, and a range of other sports.

The app is free, but a monthly subscription of the iPad version costs £35 compared to the iPhone version that costs only £6. If you are already a Sky TV customer with a Sky Sports Pack Subscription the iPad version will only cost £6.

The app is on the App Store and requires OS 3.0 or later.

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