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Project Natal (Xbox 360): Unseen Video Demo before E3 2010

We have a treat right before the start of E3 2010 now, as Microsoft has given gamers a unexpected new tech demo showing of their Project Natal motion system at the recent D8 event.

As reported from 1up, Microsoft’s Molly O’Donnell was on hand at the All Things Digital event to give us one final look at Project Natal before their special pre-E3 event in two weeks time.

During the demo, we were able to get a look at one of Natal’s other mini games – a game which tested user’s reflexes as they try to use bodily movements to hit a ball back and forth on the screen.

The game looked rather fun and quite responsive too. It was especially nice to see Microsoft show a different Natal game other than Ricochet.

Take a look at the video below for yourself and give us your thoughts on it.



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