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New Lexus LFA Sports Car and Champagne Glass

For those of you who are lucky enough to have ordered the new Lexus LFA sports car, then you are will have a huge smile on your face as the vehicle is so finally tuned that the exhaust note is able to shatter a champagne glass. If you do not believe us then please feel free to watch the video below.

The Lexus LFA will soon be available with all models to be produced have now been sold out. Only 500 are to be made at a cost $375,00 to purchase – it seems that there are people out there who do not mind spending a small fortune on such an exotic car like this, but who can blame them?

While watching the video below you will see the Lexus LFA on a dyno and a mic connected to a speaker. That speaker is then placed in front of the champagne glass, which is when we hear that awesome V10 come to life and start singing.

Chris Shunk from Autoblog explains that no CG was involved, its just science. We have to point out that this is only possible because a certain champagne glass was used that would resonate at the same frequency as the exhaust on Toyotas sexy looking Lexus LFA.



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