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New iPhone 4G/HD: OS 4.0 Renders before Release

For those of you who are still unsure as to how the iPhone 4G may look upon release, one user has created a series of render images, which show what the iPhone 4G will probably look like when it is running iPhone OS 4.0.

As reported from Redmond Pie, the images have surfaced from French website Nowhere Else and unsurprisingly – are all based on the iPhone 4G prototype model that was leaked by Gizmodo.

I have to say that the images are pretty stunning. They look like the real deal – even if this was the work of photoshop – so hats off to the user for providing them for us.

Once again, we also get an image of the white Apple iPhone 4G – is it now a certainty that users will be able to choose between black or white on launch?

Take a look at the images through the link and let us know your thoughts on them.


  • Dean

    Umm, the dash looks like 3.2, not 4.0??

    • Dom

      You're right, no Voice Memo


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