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MW2 (Xbox 360 DLC): Resurgence Map Pack Release Time Updates

Despite the fact that the Stimulus Pack for Modern Warfare 2 was only released fairly recently, Modern Warfare 2 owners have another treat now, as today is the day when the Resurgence Map Pack lands on Xbox 360.

As with the last DLC, the new Map Pack is exclusive on Xbox 360 for around a month, then it will be available on PS3 afterwards. The Map will cost 1200 MS points and once again add five brand new maps into the equation – these are Carnival, Fuel and Trailer Park. You’ll also get two old school COD4 maps in Strike and Vacant. Full details on all of these maps can be seen in our detailed thread here.

Robert Bowling has updated his Twitter account to inform everyone that the map pack is now being prepared for release. He adds that it will take a few hours from now to reach everyone – we are presuming he means the Marketplace for U.S and UK gamers. With that said, everyone should have the download available by no later than 12pm (ET) or 3PM UK time.

Let us know as soon as you see the download available. We’ll update you if anything changes regarding release time.



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