MW2 Resurgence Map Pack Download Problems: Did you have any?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 3, 2010

MW2 Resurgence Map Pack is now ready to download on Xbox Live; we hope that things went smoothly for you. But we wonder if anyone had any download problems as they did with the previous DLC – Stimulus Map Pack? It seems that a huge percentage of users had broken downloads, something that we hope did not happen this time round.

There was a lot of blame going on at the time, but it turned out to be an issue with Microsoft. The problem was with the title update, we are certain that this will not happen a second time round.

As we mentioned above, the Resurgence Map Pack is now available to download, but things were very busy earlier this morning with Call of Duty fans searching to find out what time the map pack download would be available? – Although not for PS3 owners as they will have to wait another month yet.

Now that you have downloaded the MW2 Resurgence Map Pack, we asked what out of three new maps you preferred – Carnival, Trailer Park or Fuel? Why not tell us in out comments below or vote for it here

There are now free codes available for the new map pack, more information can be found on Facebook

Did you have any problems with the MW2 Resurgence Map Pack Download?

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  • theo


  • kesean

    y cheat codes

  • James

    I am having this problem too. On live public, live private, system link, and splitscreen. it just doesn't work

  • mad g

    im having the same exact problems…anyone have a fix yet?

  • Kyle

    i’m not even gettin the maps..the resurgence playlists are still grayed out so i cant play them..can anyone help??

  • Austin

    I have it on PC and it says my .ff files aren't there for all the maps so it won't run any. I pre-ordered but it's not working even after I reinstalled it! What the heck is up with this???

  • calvin

    i cant seem to get on any of the maps at all on the resurgence map pack for the pc. i've read that re-downloading it might help but where on the hard drive do u delete it from. if someone could put in a step-by-step it would be really helpful.

    • Austin

      I can tell you one thing because my crashes when I'm trying to play resurgance, don't reinstall the whole game… Mine didn't work and I wasted like 14 hours =/

  • arg

    Whenever I have the map packs installed, I can never find any matches, just sits there saying "need 7 more players" or "no games found" etc, delete the pack and it's all fine again, very annoying to have to delete the pack to find a decent game

  • Welldave

    Yeah I'm having the same problem I got all the map packs off xbox live for mw2 and I can play some of the maps for a bit but then during the game I get a pop up saying unreadable disc clean the disk with a cloth,but my Game disc is brand new and so is my xbox 360 and its only happend on the dlc maps as far as i can tell Is that wat all of you people are having as well?please Respond I need answers.

  • Pimpin TRON

    Same crap here, it’s been 2 weeks, 5 re-downloads later, and I’m steal being screwd with these F’n maps. Trailer park won’t load up, before I get the disk read error, and it’s back to the dash board for me.. And for some odd ass reason, world at war is doing the same thing when it’s last map pack try’s to load. The disk are perfect, i’v even replaced my 360, no haps…..This sucks big monky Balls.

  • Dan

    Re-download them to a memory stick and play them off of that, i know it's not ideal, but it worked for me

  • colin

    I have had more than many conversations with xbox via email and telephone. I have also had an ongoing dialog on activision help. Final verdict is that everyone blames everyone else. Consensus is that I "MUST" download the game to hard drive. I don't have room, and nowhere on the map packs does it say I must buy a new hard drive to play them. There is 11gb left on my hard drive, so it's not like it is close to empty. I just don't want to fill it up with the game when I have a perfectly good disk. I am now going to head to the BBB and file reports against everyone since everyone says it is everyone elses fault. MY final verdict is that my money has been stolen by XBOX since they sold me the download and gave me NO PRODUCT.

  • Dan

    i too am having the disk read error on all the new maps, it's total bollocks, tried redownloading and everything. absolute bullshit

  • bp!

    this is just unreal that no one is answering us

  • colin

    Update, after 5 useless xbox support calls, and additional xbox online suppport emails, xbox blames activision. Get your complaint out there people. contact activision as I have. contact xbox again and again. This map set is unusable, and activision and xbox have taken our money without delivering product.

    • mike

      thats awsome, microsoft has them relase stuff early for them, and when its time to take blame for problems they point fingers at them, so lets see… i pay to play yearly on a system that might fail, dont get me wrong it has gotten better, but on top of all that they make a new system and charge the same price tag for only a couple of more features, ohhh but goody it looks so cool, and i cant wait to download a map pack before ps3 owners, ok im downloading… WTF!!!!!! disc read error how could this be i paid so much money for this crap. and then i wake and its just a night terror thank god i have a ps3, oh and its a launch 60 gig with a 500 gig hd and still going strong life is great

  • colin

    Same problem. Deleted and redownloaded 5 times, spent over an hour with tech suppport, emailed tech support, deleted and reinstalled gamertag, cleared cache, checked for errors on all games, and more. Nothing changes the fact that I paid good money for a very uncool and very persistent disk error. Pretty furious about that, and sad I can't play the maps I paid for.

  • mike

    I have just recieved another email from xbox telling me to contact activision, after 4-5 days and having to explain my problem 3 times over

  • Tommy

    im having problems with the resurgence map packs for mw2. i downloaded the maps and it says disk error. its a brand new game and i just recently got my xbox. i keep deleting and redownloading the map packs, and still no hope. i hope i didnt waste money. can anyone help??

  • Pedro

    downloaded map pack and none of the new maps work (disc read error). I had the same with Stimulus and then after a couple of weeks i could get 4 out of 5 to work after re downloading over 10 times!!! Total b/s………They still load slow though. Why do they not just make it available as a disk???? $$$$ thats why!!!

  • missbehaved13

    This is so irritating to have all of these problems with the new map pack. Figured they would have had this fixed by now and its so soul crushing to have to wait to re-download just in hopes that it will work better the second time. So far this is money not well spent but I am sure they will get all the bugs fixed soon…I hope 🙁

  • Brian

    Thats why you should habe got a ps3 yes we have to wait for the maps, but we dont have all the problems with map packs. And we dont have to pay to play or for free demos or anything.. I have both so I can talk about xbox.

  • mike

    I emailed Xbox and sent the a link to this page saying other people have same problems but they just keep asking me the wrong stuff, if they just read what I typed in the first email they would get it done

  • Alec

    Downloaded and now now my Gamer Tag Profile is corrupt. 🙁
    Coincidence???? Grr

  • Todd

    Im getting disc errors on all new maps!

  • Pissed bostonian

    Disk read errors on all the new maps. I was really looking forward to this. Now I feel like I’ve been swindled. How do I fix this malfunction cause my disk is clearly in perfect condition.

  • Joe

    ya i get disc error on strike and trailer park, but it works fine on vacant, carnival, and fuel. i would love to play strike again….

    • David

      Are u getting a message saying your disc is dirty and to wipe it with a cloth?Cuzco that’s way I’m getting?

  • michael

    no prblems except an extremely long dowload time. i started the download, messed around on the computer for an hour, went out with my friends for a few hours, and its gained about 25% since i left, its sitting at 77% now.

  • rhys

    the only problem i got was of my mum turnin of the internet during the download
    so it didnt finish as quick as i wanted it to

  • bp!

    yeh WTF im gettin the error message too, brand new xbox and xbox game jssh

    • mike

      ahhh welcome to the horrible nightmare we call 360 zone

  • D3Ad1yF0rC3LL86


  • Alex

    Try and re-download the maps Delete from your hard drive and then re-download, doesnt cost anything, as it is saved on the market place. I have a disc read error on carnvial, just that one though, no others, anyone have any suggestions, i've tried everything?!

  • Oliver

    FUEL FTW. Try using Scrambler on Fuel or any of the new maps and see how idiotic people can be XD. They just wander around without any clue where you are cause they don’t know the map XD.

  • Alex

    Try and re-download the maps, i have done it but am still getting a disk readerror on carnival, and only that one, can anyone help with that

  • Jake

    I’m getting a disc read error on carnival. The one map I was really looking forward to. 🙁

    anyone know how to fix this?

  • OMG i love carnival!!! best map EVER!!! total epic!

  • anthony bosch

    you have to put on MW2 first and download the update, then download maps plus there is like 5000000 people downloading it so it willbe hard to download

  • mike

    I get disc read error too

  • mike

    I'm having the disc read errors too on all the maps. new disc and it works fine with all the other maps

  • Brandon Pissed


    Anyway, I'm having disk read errors on 3 of the 5 maps. Total bullshit.