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MW2 Resurgence Map Pack Download Problems: Did you have any?

MW2 Resurgence Map Pack is now ready to download on Xbox Live; we hope that things went smoothly for you. But we wonder if anyone had any download problems as they did with the previous DLC – Stimulus Map Pack? It seems that a huge percentage of users had broken downloads, something that we hope did not happen this time round.

There was a lot of blame going on at the time, but it turned out to be an issue with Microsoft. The problem was with the title update, we are certain that this will not happen a second time round.

As we mentioned above, the Resurgence Map Pack is now available to download, but things were very busy earlier this morning with Call of Duty fans searching to find out what time the map pack download would be available? – Although not for PS3 owners as they will have to wait another month yet.

Now that you have downloaded the MW2 Resurgence Map Pack, we asked what out of three new maps you preferred – Carnival, Trailer Park or Fuel? Why not tell us in out comments below or vote for it here

There are now free codes available for the new map pack, more information can be found on Facebook

Did you have any problems with the MW2 Resurgence Map Pack Download?



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