Maytag Dishwasher Recall: Repair or Rebate Process

By Peter Chubb - Jun 3, 2010

We recently informed you that there is a Maytag dishwasher recall; we now have an update on this story. Whirlpool who own Maytag has commented on how much this recall will cost them – the 1.7 million recalls will cost the company $75 million and is the largest dishwasher recall in three years.

Jeff Plungis from Business Week states that the heating element inside could short-circuit and could then ignite, which poses a fire hazard. Consumer are advised to stop using the product – if you are unsure if your Maytag dishwasher is affected by this latest recall, then our previous post gives you a list of those models.

Whirlpool is now in the process of investigating this problem; they now aim to repair all faulty products, but as you may be aware will take some time to do. Maytag will come to your home and then repair the dishwasher, if you prefer you can have $150 or $250 rebate towards a new dishwasher.

For more details phone 1-800-544-5513 or visit

Would you rather the repair or rebate?

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  • Sandra Goehring

    I have an older model, but having the problem of the bottom left rack burning through in places at the front of the rack. The burning smell happens at the end of the wash–during the drying cycle. Are any reasons for recall citing this problem ?

  • DDD

    Had a dishwasher on the recall list decided to buy a new Maytag and get the $250 rebate instead of having it fixed. did not want to have to wait weeks to get it fixed Maytag never disclosed it was a prepaid visa card not on there web site or the person I talked to on the phone. After I bought the new Maytag the rebate offer came in and it said it would be a prepaid card I hate those cards I think it is false advertisement that they did not disclose this first and when I called them they could careless last Maytag I buy

    • Rose Rankinen

      I too had this happen to me….I hate debit card rebates and I too feel that I have been duped by the Maytag company…..I will not buy another rebate product, although until this happened, have bought many Maytag products ie: washer, dryer, range, refrigerator and freezer along with my old dishwasher…..

  • Carole McKinney

    My dishwasher purchased in September 2008 was part of the Maytag recall. It has been a nightmare since we first contacted Maytag on 6/4/10 when I learned about the recall and contacted Maytag to get more information.

    I finally got my dishwasher repair yesterday, 7/29, after having to go through three service company's (one tried to rip me off for 300.00 saying I needed a new motor, which I did not) and another who never called or showed after two scheduled appointments. The third company, thankfully, was professional, honest, and could not do more to help (John's Maytag, Claymont, DE – only request this company if you live in New Castle County, DE and are part of the recall!!!!). Maytag reps on several occasions (only spoke with one rep who was helpful) were down right rude and unprofessional (one telling me that the chances of my dishwashing getting repaired were "grim" – when I asked to speak to someone over him, he said "There is no one over me – I'm in charge……." nice to be in his world – everyone has someone over them. Maytag should be ashamed of how they treat customers.


    We purposely looked for pre-Whirlpool-owned Maytag washer/dryer combo on Craigslist when our old Maytag set
    was given away (still working fine after 20+ years- just got tired of them). Every new set we liked was about $2000 (with pedestal). That is cash price, whose that have to finance at 29% would never pay off set. That is the advice from the salesman himself. We asked for same Maytag quality washer/dryer as we had just given away. “They don’t make that any more”. We where told that every model was now engineered to fail within 5 years. We then switched to Craigslist & found a nice used set. We even offered to break our budget & buy a “nicer” set so we would have a trouble-free appliance. “Every model- within 5 years”. We are so grateful to that honest salesman. Even he did not mention that Whirpool/Maytag had cut corners so deeply that the devices would catch fire. Whirpool/Maytag just another Ford/Toyota type company now. Willing to kill their customer to make that extra penny.