Lexus LFA Supercar: Nurburgring Edition Price and Specs

By Peter Chubb - Jun 3, 2010

We reported in an earlier post that the Lexus LFA sports car was able to shatter a champagne glass with its exhaust note, and that fact that all 500 pre-orders have now been sold. The LFA is due to hit the streets in December, but we have recently learned that the Lexus LFA will be turned into a supercar with a 2010 Nurburgring Edition.

Toyota owned Lexus has announced that there will be 50 of these Nurburgring Package race version, but will come with a more hefty price tag than its current $375,000. According to Venus V from Nitrobahn, the finally price is expected to be $445,000, $465,000 if you choose to add the matte black paint job.

So what extra do you get for the $70,000 price bump? You get an extra 10 horsepower, so now the 4.8-liter 10-cylinder engine will pump out 563hp. The gearbox software will be upgraded allowing gear changes 0.05 seconds faster – this will be more noticeable on the track.

Lexus will also add extra-grip tires and sports-tuned suspension; the end result is faster approaches to corners. The extra $70,000 is not just for extra bits on the car, you will also get an expense-paid trip to Nurburgring – the ultimate racing track. There is no word on when the new Lexus LFA Nurburgring will be released.

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  • joe

    hate hate hate..thats all we do…from nazi's to kkks, to white power to thugs to whatever..always something for everyone to just hate..everyone is free to buy whatever they want to buy. so buy it, shut up, and stop hating

  • Chris

    For the price there are a whole lot of cars I would choose before a Lexus. The Audi R8 is by far a better choice then this P.O.S. Besides Lexus tried to sell me a car that was leaking oil. I went German after that. Long live the BMW 740