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HTC EVO 4G Battery Discoveries: Capacity vs Rivals

With just one day to go until Sprint launch the HTC EVO 4G we are still surprised to be learning new things about this latest Android handset. The latest information that we have come across is to do with its battery – it seems that it has more capacity than its rivals.

JR Raphael from PCWorld has been taking a closer look at a recent article from iFixIt, where they have stripped apart an EVO 4G and it was the discoveries that it made with the battery that impressed them the most. They were also shocked to be met with a bright red backing once the rear cover was removed.

iFixIt points out that the battery is simple to swap, not that you will need to in a hurry. What makes the battery so special is its capacity power – 23 percent more than the current iPhone 3GS, 15 percent more than the HTC Droid Incredible and 7 percent more than he Google Nexus One.

Do let this confuse you with charge; we know that the EVO has suffered with premature dechargation – maybe this has something to do with the amount of power it takes to use 4G – when you get the service. Get more details on this from PCWorld via the link in the second paragraph.



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