Call Of Duty Developer “Infinity Ward is dead” – David Braben

David Braben, the Frontier boss has said that due to the company losing the majority of it’s senior staff, especially Jason West and Vince Zampella who were sacked for “insubordination” three months ago, Infinity Ward are “dead.”

While speaking to CVG, Braben said that Infinity Ward are “a different company,” especially after losing two of their main guys, plus the fact that IW have also seen a massive walkout with 35 people leaving them.

Since they left the company three months ago, West and Zampella have formed their own company, named Respawn Entertainment who also aim to release their first game under the EA guise.

So what does the future hold for Infinity Ward, who are still working on a new Call of Duty title?

Source: VG247



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