AT&T’s New Data Plans: Customer Cease & Desist Warnings

By Alan Ng - Jun 3, 2010

Some surprising details to share with you now, as it has been alleged that AT&T are threatening customers with cease and desist letters if they continue to bombard CEO Randell Stephenson with continuous emails.

According to this article over at Engadget, one customer named as Giorgio Galante wrote to the CEO, expressing his displeasure at the service he was getting, and especially highlighting AT&T’s new data plans which will go into effect as of June 7th, as the final straw.

Perhaps the part about Galante’s plans to jump ship to Sprint and their HTC EVO 4G handset didn’t go down to well with Randell, prompting AT&T’s Executive Response Team to reply back to the customer, saying that further emails to the CEO will result in legal action.

Pretty drastic, don’t you think? Hopefully we will have more details on this story for you soon – head to Engadget for the full story.

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