AT&T Data Plan Change: Sprint and Verizon Gain

By Peter Chubb - Jun 3, 2010

We discussed in a recent post that AT&T were in the process of changing its data plan, the end result will see iPhone, iPad and other smartphone users unable to sign up for a new unlimited data plan. This does not affect existing customers only new ones – Sprint and Verizon will surely gain from this.

AT&T know that the new iPhone 2010 is coming and with the success of the Apple iPad, the carrier is starting to feel the strain – maybe it is for this reason that they have done away with the unlimited plan. The change will take place on Monday – that’s the same day as WWDC 2010.

AT&T said that by offering this data plan change more customers would benefit from lower monthly prices. This change will not only affect consumers but enterprise users as well, which Anna Tong from Sacramento Bee explains in more detail.

Those who still plan to use a lot of data over a month will now look towards Verizon and Sprint – a new breed of Android handsets on these carriers now makes this switch more possible. And let us not forget that there is still the possibility that the iPhone 4G will come to one of these networks this year, which could be in September according to WSJ.

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