Antibacterial Soap: How Safe is it?

Antibacterial Soap is used everyday as we assume that it is much safer than traditional soap, but how true is this? We now live in a world where we are obsessed with bacteria, so will do anything to try and rid ourselves of those germs – but it seems as though we are doing more harm than good.

The main problem with these antibacterial sanitizers is that they contain triclosan, the problem is that this does not kill bacteria indiscriminately. All they do is stop certain bacteria from spreading; in time bacteria could become immune to this and other agents.

Another thing that you have to remember is that antibacterial products are very rough on the skin. They can often cause the skin to dry and itch if used too much. If you do choose to keep using the product – make certain that you use a moisturizer after.

There are those who feel that using normal soap is just as good and in many ways they are right. The moment that you clean your hands with an antibacterial soap, bacteria starts to build up under the nails almost instantly. It seems that no matter what we do there is no getting rid of bacteria, it is something that we will just have to live with. For more details visit



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