The Hurt Locker: Illegal File-Sharers Will Be Sued – Voltage Pictures

By Jamie Pert - Jun 2, 2010

The company behind the award winning Oscar-winning ‘The Hurt Locker’ – Voltage Pictures have filed lawsuits against the illegal file-sharers who illegally shared the movie on websites on the internet. Although it seems that this is so far limited to the U.S.

By using Internet Service Providers, Voltage Pictures have identified around 5000 computers which either was involved or took part in sharing the Oscar-winning movie on peer-to-peer networks. Names will then be provided by the ISP’s to Voltage Pictures so they can go ahead with the prosecution.

While you may argue that illegal file sharing is wrong, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, an original founding member of a controversial file sharing website – The Pirate Bay said that “file-sharing increases revenue as well as interest of the value of movies, tv-series, music and more.” The Pirate Bay has come into the spotlight numerous times in the past for illegal file-sharing, but Kolimisoppi also added “Suing people for being fans is just quite stupid.”

Whilst Voltage Pictures, who made $150 million through film sales and acquisitions in the last three years, argue that “Piracy hurts each and every hard-working person attempting to support his or her family through a career in the entertainment industry.”

What is your stance on illegal file sharing? Are Voltage Pictures right to sue or is Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi of The Pirate Bay correct in your view?

Source: BBCNews

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