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Steve Jobs on Lost iPhone 4G Prototype: D8 Interview

The interview with Steve Jobs at D8 yesterday was insightful for a number of reasons as he shared much more than he normally does. We mentioned in a recent post that there could be another carrier offering the new iPhone 2010, but we did not expect the Apple CEO to discuss the lost iPhone 4G Prototype issue.

Jobs was probably hoping that he was not asked about it, but Engadget writer Donald Melanson points out that we are curious as to what Jobs thinks. He said in the D8 interview that there is currently an ongoing investigation; we were shocked that he went on and added more.

Jobs remarked at how amazing the saga of the lost iPhone was, he said that the story had the lot – we were not shocked that Jobs did not say if any of the spec reports were accurate. We learnt that Jobs was advised to let the issue drop, but he said that it would go against the core values of Apple.

Reading through the interview it is almost a submission from Steve Jobs that the stolen iPhone prototype is in fact real. But then we already knew this – why would Apple want to involve the DA if the product did not exist?



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