Red Dead Redemption: American Standardbred Location Guide

By Jamie Pert - Jun 2, 2010

We continue our trend of Red Dead Redemption posts with a small guide on how you can tame the very rare American Standardbred, which is among the top horses made available to you.

The American Standardbred is the fastest horse you can have in the game, but cons about this horse are that its stamina and health pool is weaker than other horses you can tame. The horse is also jet black.

If you want to try your hand at discovering and taming one of these incredible horses, you must first travel to West Elizabeth which is in the area east of Manzanita and south of Beecher’s Hope.

The horses have also been spotted in the Tall Trees area, which is situated by the lake. But be careful, because if you do not hitch it by the pier at Aurora Basin almost immediately, a bear will maul down your new found friend before you even have the chance to save it.

According to the Red Dead Redemption Wiki, The American Standardbred is prominently found at night between 9pm and dawn, but reports from lots of players also say they have spotted them during the daytime.

The American Standardbred is unlocked at level 40 in multiplayer, and you can also buy an American Standardbred deed from a General Store, but you must tame one before you can do so.

If you manage to tame an American Standardbred, you will receive the achievement Buckin Awesome.

If you have been following our Red Dead Redemption articles throughout the past couple of weeks, you will know we have given specific information regarding the whereabouts of certain scraps for available outfits. To see the complete set of outfit guides we have covered, check out this post here.

Source: Red Dead Redemption Wiki

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  • marco

    ewww who eats horse these days all ya people can suck that horses dick!! lml :] <3

  • murdo 1

    that horse tastes delicious : ]

  • carly

    i didnt actually capture the white hungrian half bred i unlocked it when i completed the game :/

  • ya mum

    this is actually a fair decent horse

  • hade

    yeah i just tamed my american standard-bred and ts really fast. i got mine at great planes around 4:30 am

  • Clint Marston

    “If you manage to tame an American Standardbred, you will receive the achievement Buckin Awesome.” – not quite

    If you just tame this horse you don’t receive the Buckin’ Awesome achievement. You need all 3 horses for the acheivement not just this one.

    You can get the other 2 horses required for this acheivement doing missions though. The Kentucky Saddler you break during one of Bonnie’s missions near the start of the game where she gets you to round up some wild horses. The white Hungarian Half-Bred you get in Mexico; the Love is the Opiate stranger mission requires you to get one of these.

  • Commentor

    Wow. You pretty much copied the locations directly from the Red Dead Redemption Wiki. That's bad karma. Why not just point people there if you don't have original content to add? Looks like you also used a portion of their picture of the horse. Bad!

  • Nick

    I tamed that jet black feller around the lake in the north west corner of Tall Trees. Only thing is that I didn't get Buckin Awesome.

    • Viktor

      You need to tame all three rare horses to get Buckin' Awesome. The Kentucky Saddler, the Hungarian Half-Bred, and the American Standardbred.

      • Eddie

        yep i got all of em and all three deeds in my inventory