New iPhone 4G: Verizon and Sprint hints from Steve Jobs

By Alan Ng - Jun 2, 2010

Some exciting news to bring you now, as Steve Jobs has delivered a few hints regarding the age-old debate on whether the iPhone will be landing on more than one carrier in the U.S.

As reported from Engadget, Steve Jobs was speaking in a rare interview as part of the D8 event which is still ongoing at the moment.

When asked a question on whether there would be advantages for the iPhone landing on another carrier other than AT&T, Jobs replied: ”There might be”.

You may think that his comments do not mean anything, but then again couldnt he just answer a simple ‘no’, or mention their exclusive agreement with AT&T? – if there still is one of course.

Later on during the interview, Jobs was asked if the iPhone would be landing on another carrier in the U.S. The response was an unsurprising ”no comment”.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think this is the clearest indication yet that a Verizon or Sprint iPhone is in the works?

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  • Hi! this googletv thing is deffinetly very intriguing how does somebody gets an opportunity to try this does someone here know? 10x! will apreciate an answer.

  • vinny

    i just want a verzon iphone because SPRINT SUCKS!!! ya thats right nick

  • Trent

    Yep, I'm another daily iphone news checker who is trying hard not to give in to settling for a Droid. Jobs is a smart man who likes to keep his options open and his comments only support the obvious. The interviewer needs to ask 'when is the iphone going to become available through another US carrier and which one?'

  • Arbi

    I for one check for updates almost daily … I am absolutely keeping my fingers crossed for a Verizon version. I am willing to be there are several million verizon customers that are have also been impaitenly waiting.

    I was at the Verizon store yesterday looking at the HTC Incredible. It is a great phone. I almost pulled the trigger on it … but knowing that Monday is right around the corner, I figured that I have been soooo patient. I will hold of a few more days. If I don't hear anything solid on a Verizon Iphone release date, I am pulling the trigger on the HTC Increadible … I am very tired of waiting.

  • joek71

    I just spoke to a customer of mine that work for Apple / BesyBuy in NYC and he told me that it is not coming to Sprint. Cause they have not heard anything about it. If it was true they would have gotten some word to prep for Sprint. So I guess this is all just a PR stunt or just a rumors. And all of this is wishful thinking and hoping. I am still hoping that it is true that it will come to Sprint and not VZW or stay at AT&T

  • MaureenM

    What scares me is that you're saying there will be a Verizon or Sprint iPhone. I hope this doesn't mean what it sounds like. I want my iPhone to be agnostic to the carrier. So, when I'm pissed off enough to make a carrier change I can do so immediately, and seamlessly.

  • joe

    With Steve you never know, until Monday at the WWDC. I hope it comes to Sprint with its new 4G, it be kind of cool iPhone 4G for the Sprint 4G Now Network. I personally cant wait till Monday. This kind of news made me hold off on getting the EVO on Friday. It Sprint get the iPhone i will be getting it if not the EVO. Lets keep those fingers crossed.

    • Could be, although that was the same trite expression of people with that stolen iPhone — then it turns out it was the real prototype of apple next's iphone.