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New iPhone 4G: Verizon and Sprint hints from Steve Jobs

Some exciting news to bring you now, as Steve Jobs has delivered a few hints regarding the age-old debate on whether the iPhone will be landing on more than one carrier in the U.S.

As reported from Engadget, Steve Jobs was speaking in a rare interview as part of the D8 event which is still ongoing at the moment.

When asked a question on whether there would be advantages for the iPhone landing on another carrier other than AT&T, Jobs replied: ”There might be”.

You may think that his comments do not mean anything, but then again couldnt he just answer a simple ‘no’, or mention their exclusive agreement with AT&T? – if there still is one of course.

Later on during the interview, Jobs was asked if the iPhone would be landing on another carrier in the U.S. The response was an unsurprising ”no comment”.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think this is the clearest indication yet that a Verizon or Sprint iPhone is in the works?



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