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New iPhone 4G and 2010 Prototype: Impact On Public

The news that the new 2010 iPhone prototype had been stolen and then placed on the Internet for the world to see has certainly had an impact – not only on Apple but the public as well. If you wonder what that impact has been, then just read the D8 interview with Steve Jobs.

According to Reuters, The Apple CEO does not have any time for blogs, saying that they are not legitimate journalism outlets. He is either venting his frustration out on a certain site or he would much rather read news from such sites like New York Times, WSJ and the Washington Post.

We reported in a recent post that Steve Jobs was advised to drop the ongoing case against Gizmodo and its owners, but he said that he would “rather quit” than let it slide about a blogger buying “stolen property”

Do you think Jobs is right to pursue the matter, or should he let it slide? We can see his point and it would be a warning to others if this were to happen again. Although I do feel that Apple should just let it go – they have certainly got a great amount of free press on the new 2010 iPhone.

On that subject, do you think that this free press will help to sell more iPhone’s in 2010?


  • Jonathan Laine

    I have been a PC guy for some time. It seems as if it is a full time job. Ask a computer repair tech what kind of computer os is giving people the most problems… Windows any version. I switched to mac. I got a macbook pro and I am never looking back. I get the service plan and away we go. For some time I have been interested in iphone, yet not to the point of purchase. I have been waiting for a phone that has what I want. I don't have any smartphone. None of them have "done it for me". The new iphone that I have seen leaked on the net is the phone I've been waiting for. Wow! I can't wait. The hype is what it's all about.

    Give the guys a break. It's not worth ruining someones life. For you, Steve Jobs, it is a product that you feel strongly about that got mishandled. For the others it is their livelyhood at stake.

  • Andy mcclary

    If all these so called leaks aren’t all a part of a carefully orchestrated marketing plan that utlises the viral nature of blogs…steve jobs should quit! A. For being so out of touch, and, B. For having such poor internal controls!

  • Microsoft Fanboy

    I'm a Microsoft guy to the core, have been building PCs for 16 years, have been professionally supporting Microsoft products since I graduated highschool. I've been an Apple hater for years.

    That said, a couple years ago, I traded my Treo 750 for an iPhone 2G assuming I'd give it a shot, nuts around with it, and sell it for another Treo.

    Well it's 2010 now and I'm still a diehard iPhone lover. It's an incredible phone and I love everything about it.

    The one thing that frustrates me is it broke over the weekend. No biggy, I'd been out of contract for a few years, might as well get the new contract discount. So I did, ordered a 3Gs and the next day I find out the 4G is on its way. That really sucks..

    Onward. Apple and Steve Jobs have every right to pursue Gizmodo over this. If they drop it, then what's the point of having laws against things such as Receiving Stolen Property? There's not one good reason that they should drop the suit against Gizmodo.

    That said, Mac OS still sucks. That is all.

    • Gabriel

      Could you explain to me why Microsoft is so amazing and awesome? Mac OS is so simple and easy to use. More efficient, software and hardware a million times better looking. Microsoft with its virus prone OS, stupid registry, not as reliable. How does Mac OS suck?!


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