McDonalds Gay Ad: Come as you are, say restaurant

By Alan Ng - Jun 2, 2010

We have an interesting video for you to watch now, one which is sure to catch your attention. For no apparent reason, McDonalds has released a new TV commercial in France, in which they deliver the message that gay people are welcome in their restaurant.

As reported from Post Chronicle, it is unclear whether an issue with gay people and McDonalds occured prior to the ad being released, or whether McDonalds just felt like reaching out to gay people in the country.

The video shows a young man staring at a class photo, speaking with his boyfriend on the phone, while his dad orders food at the counter. The dad points out that his son looks just like him in the photo and adds that he could get all the ladies if he wanted. The young boy smiles back and at the end of the ad, we see the following message: ”Come as you are”.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a good move by McDonalds or not? This could see the start of other big companies following suit with pro-gay campaigns of their own.

We wonder what reaction this ad would get in the U.S if it was released over there.

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  • Jim

    Who in their right mind would eat at a junk food restaurant (? -Ha) like McDonalds?

  • Jim

    Who in their right mind would eat at a junk food restaurant (? -Ha) like McDonalds?

  • ladyof the hill

    I think this is disgusting to say the least.

    • Hunter

      Why part of the commercial is disgusting to you?

  • Jeannie

    I will never go to McDonalds again.

  • sutibu

    Did Gays or being gay/lesbian have trouble buying food at McDonald’s in the first place?

  • sutibu

    What if you ‘re a devote nudist…can you “come as you are?”

  • Anomynous

    Whatever McDonald's was trying to do with this ad, it's very cool.

  • Maybe its just a psa and not a mc:D add? Maybe they were sued for dicrimination and as part of the sttlement or award they stipulated a sort of were sorry ssries of commercials or they did it on their own so not to lose face, or maybe just maybe, there is a little more awareness, tolorance and fries across the ocean

  • Darin Lowery

    It's not about sex, pal, it's about people. Period. We are all one being.
    Mickey D is after the bucks- of course- no prob with that. They're smarter
    than a lot of businesses in that they realize how much they can gain by
    being inclusive. Run the ad in the States, you guys!
    Personally, I don't eat there- haven't since the seventies- I avoid all junk
    food, BUT as a gay man (oh, my… there's SEX again, huh pal?) I salute
    them for getting the word out, and I hope the message trickles down to all
    of their employees… the line workers are who the public deals with, after
    all… not the ad agencies.

  • Guido

    I'm so tired of everyone trying to kiss up to the public, chasing the latest "cool thing" or "cause" to get involved in, ie: gays, animal fur, adopting kids from foreign countries, HIV, stem cells, immigration, etc…..just to jump up and down and be seen. The average person goes to work everyday and takes care of their families and tries to ignore the circus of self-promotion. I just bought my last Big Mac. I think I'll go to Wendys from now on.

  • Dean

    Part 2 — I don't understand the need to mix SEX and hamburgers, but apparently, McDonalds sees that need. Until today, if anyone would have asked me, I would have guessed McDonalds welcomed everyone to their business. But when you start to single out special groups, they obviously have higher favor over all others. With that, I must interpret that heterosexuals are no longer welcome at McDonalds. If they were, I suppose they would be inviting us into their restaurant via their commercials. When I think about it, until today, I never have seen a McDonald’s commercial that suggested a group in society was unwelcome in a McDonalds. Good-by Mushroom and Swiss steak burger, you were a pretty good burger, but your host is going where I won’t. I’ll be looking for a place where SEX can stay at home in the bedroom, and everyone in society is welcome in the restaurant. Signed – Dean in Arizona

    • john

      you need to relax, dean in arzona. or better yet, keep going to your local mcdonald's and stay the hell away from france. get over yourself. preach elsewhere.

  • Dean

    Part1 — I used to have a high respect for McDonalds, until now. Back in the 80's, Burger King went on the offensive and bashed McDonalds and others to promote their food. I quit eating at Burger King because of it. Back then, I noticed McDonalds stayed focused on promoting themselves. I believed they held themselves to a higher standard than Burger King did. Unfortunately today, I see McDonalds has brought SEX into the restaurant.

    • de Villiers

      The advertisement is not about sex. It's about youth.

  • Guest

    Could someone connect being gay, lesbian, bisexual, hereto flexible, or otherwise to what we eat, please let me know. Not sure what the point of the ad was other than to spend money making a really dumb and pointless ad. Honestly, anyone know a teenager or young adult that is going to let their sexual preference determine if they are going to eat at McDonald's in the first place? Surrrrrrrrrrrreeeee…lets see..I am ( insert proper sexual preference) and I am hungry, let me check with my ( insert proper sexual preference) handbook for the right places to eat. Yeap. Sure, like that is going to happen. Anyone who has raised teenagers knows that sexual preference is that last thing that going on in their minds when they are thinking with their stomachs. Dumb Dumb Dumb ad.

  • Danny

    Maybe McDonalds is just saying that they welcome everyone regardless of sexual orientation, race or any other class that the narrow minded, uneducated biggots protest against. Good for you McDonalds. The rest of society could learn a lot from the example. All the haters of the world are a very small minority and soon your ridiculous hate filled lives will be ignored as they should be. I respect all peoples, I hope others may try to do the same. All too often some choose to pervert religion, the bible and any other vice they can cling too. In fact, most of the haters are just unhappy with themselves.

    • Gregg

      You know what…everyone (including you) is always calling Christians haters simply because they are saying that according to the Bible homosexuality is wrong. It doesn't have anything to do with "hating" the people who participate in it…it has to do with the fact that homosexuality is wrong, leads to a shortened life span, causes disruption in the family unit. If we Christians "hate" anything, it's the sin…not those that participate in it. We grieve for those who live that way because they are in danger of going to hell for all eternity forever separated from God. Please get off of the platform of calling Christians "haters".

      • guest

        the bible doesn't label homosexuality as a sin—doctrine dictates whether or not it is.
        shouldnt thump your bible so hard if your going to make stuff up.

        • Guest

          Read Romans 1:26-28; Leviticus 18:22; 1 Corinthians 6:9. I think you need to rethink your position. Gregg also needs to rethink some of what he is saying as well.

          The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is not right. (see passages above) However, the Bible also says in a myriad places that sins such as lying, pride, jealous, greed, and adultery are all sins as well. Homosexuality is one in a long list of sins. I am not sure why many Christians attach such a stigma to the LGBT lifestyle. It is no worse of a sin than a straight man using porn or physically committing adultery against his wife. Sin, as a definition, is ANY act that goes against the will of God. If Christianity is true, then we are all guilty.

          But you guys…. the story does not end here. There is something really beautiful at work in the Bible. God freely forgives and loves people regardless of their race, sexual orientation or any other previous sin record. And this forgiveness is not based on our merit. No, it is a FREE gift. Don't believe me? Go read Romans. All of it. And then read Galatians 4, 5 and 6. John 3. And if you feel brave enough, read the entire Bible. From cover to cover, it is a story of radical redemption. Jesus hung out with the punks and whores of society and forgave them. And the churchy Pharisees? (For a modern day equivalent, think conservative, Republican, White evangelical Christians). Jesus harshly criticized them and they did not even see him for who he was. So for my Christian friends out there: repentance for sin starts with you and me, not our homosexual neighbors.

      • Mark

        Where are you getting your information? Homosexuality does not lead to a shortened life span. Disease does! AIDS is not a GAY disease. Anyone can contract it if they have unprotected contact with an infected person.
        HIV was primairly a hetrosexual disease all over the world where it was first seen. Africa and Haiti for example.
        If GOD was giving out sexually transmitted diseases for sinning then most of the So Called christians out there would be at the free clinic every week.
        To be quite honest I do not need your SAVING! I am quite comfortable with my own relationship with GOD!

      • mark

        And we call you haters because we do not hate you but we hate the way you live.
        You know what…everyone (including you) is always calling homosexuals sinners simply because they are saying that according to the Bible homosexuality is wrong. It doesn't have anything to do with "hating" the people who participate in harrassment or murder of gay people…it has to do with the fact that bigotry is wrong, leads to a shortened life span, causes disruption in the family unit due to the fact that most christian families cut off their family member when the reveal the truth about themselves If we gay people "hate" anything, it's the sin of judgment…not those that participate in it. We grieve for those who are that way because they are in danger of going to hell for all eternity forever separated from God. "Judge no lest YE be judged"
        If you did not notice I took your own words and gave them new meaning. When judgement day comes I will make sure I wave to you during your judging.

      • Guest

        Danny and Gregg should get married!

    • S. L

      You respect all peoples as long as they agreed with your point of veiw.

      • S.L

        You respect all peoples when they agreed with your point of view.

  • craig

    They just want the business and like any other business if they are not making it they will always target us GAY folks. Including our sisters as well.

  • ross

    why? it seems as though they are trying to attract a new demographic,however if you are in the closet you are eating there already,or ar they trying to say mcdonalds is a good venue to come out in? its all very queer anyway

    • de Villiers

      McDonalds here in France is considered young and modern. This continues to show McDonalds in that light – and makes it attractive to all young people.

      This is not an advertisement directed at gay people. It is directed at all young French people. It is irrelevant for older people in France because they never go to the restaurant.