McDonalds Gay Ad: Come as you are, say restaurant

We have an interesting video for you to watch now, one which is sure to catch your attention. For no apparent reason, McDonalds has released a new TV commercial in France, in which they deliver the message that gay people are welcome in their restaurant.

As reported from Post Chronicle, it is unclear whether an issue with gay people and McDonalds occured prior to the ad being released, or whether McDonalds just felt like reaching out to gay people in the country.

The video shows a young man staring at a class photo, speaking with his boyfriend on the phone, while his dad orders food at the counter. The dad points out that his son looks just like him in the photo and adds that he could get all the ladies if he wanted. The young boy smiles back and at the end of the ad, we see the following message: ”Come as you are”.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a good move by McDonalds or not? This could see the start of other big companies following suit with pro-gay campaigns of their own.

We wonder what reaction this ad would get in the U.S if it was released over there.



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