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iPhone Tops Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Apps No. 1

You can always count on ChangeWave to offer informative surveys on a wide range of topics – the latest being on the smartphone market, It shows that it is the iPhone that tops customer satisfaction ratings. There are a number of reasons for this, the main one being.

1,009 smartphone consumers were asked to rate their models in a survey, ChangeWave wished to know what they liked and disliked about the handsets. Looking at the chart below you can clearly see that the iPhone is in first place with 77 percent of the votes – followed closely by Motorola, which has enjoyed a sudden surge thanks to Android.

HTC was in third place with a customer satisfaction rating of 51 percent, but this is certain to increase with the new range of handsets hitting the market along with an Android 2.2 upgrade.

Buyers were also asked as to what features they liked the most – it was no surprise that apps topped that list. This makes sense as the Apple iPhone is all about the apps. Ease of use and Internet access came in second and third respectively. For more details visit Investorplace



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