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iPhone Internet Tethering with AT&T at OS 4.0 Launch

WWDC 2010 is just around the corner and we know that Steve Jobs will offer more details on the new iPhone OS 4.0 along with its release date. To coincide with this and the launch of a new iPhone, AT&T is to finally launch Internet Tethering for the iPhone and iPad.

This will come into place once AT&T launch its new DataPro plan, with the $20 per month that you pay for this add-on the total price for the new plan will be $45. For that you will get 2GB of data usage per month, this has to be shared with your phone and the device that you tether to.

However, Chris Ziegler from Engadget has been looking more closely into the press release sent out by AT&T, and things can start to get expensive for those who will use tethering more on their laptops. You will have to part with $75 per month for a 5GB data limit.

This option will be available on all handsets on AT&T, but it is iPhone users who have wanted the option the most. Maybe they have been forced to do it since Steve Jobs has started to offer hints that the new iPhone will be coming to another carrier in 2010, which you can read more about in our recent post.


  • toughhazard

    What is “oxigen”?

  • Richard Harmonn

    we are already paying for 3g connection on AT&T why pay more …? these people are greedy and and total clowns !!! The service should be offered at no charge … It's like the oil companies charging us for the oxigen we use to ignite the fuel your car burns … Ridiculus !!!!!!!! 2 thumbs down to Mr Apple . VERY Dissapointed !!!!

  • Well it's part of their marketing strategy. If you really want a quality service from these providers, you have to pay the higher plan.. Wish that tethering an iPhone comes free..

  • alan

    ass clown……..funny

  • Patrick


  • Armen

    I personal am tired of at&t bullshit everything. Hella drop calls. Always increasing every service while not building more towers to give bettrr reception. I love the iphone but if tgey stick with at&t they can say goodbye to ome costumer as of now!

    • Word of the lord

      you are an absolute ass clown. where was the last tower that was put up in your area? chances are you have no clue. Pull your head outta your ass and get with the program.

  • Mark Ward

    It should be noted (before we all go balistic over that "outrageous" $75.00 monthly charge, that is a "mere" $15.00 MORE than existing 5GB/month data/tethering plan from AT&T (I'm using a Blackberry Bold [9000]). While I'm not looking forward to paying $15.00 more for tethering, I AM looking forward to (finally) being able to upgrade to iPhone (and still get tethering).


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