HTC EVO 4G Speed Test: Sprint Disappoints

By Peter Chubb - Jun 2, 2010

With just two days to go until the release of the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint, we have some interesting news on the first impressions of a recent speed test carried out on the 4G network. Not all owners of the EVO 4G will benefit from 4G, they will have to make do with 3G speeds for now – but how much are they missing out on?

That is certainly a great question – one that Mark Sullivan from PC World has been looking into. Armed with a HTC EVO 4G smartphone he headed off to 6 cities that offer Clearwire’s WiMax network, which as we know delivers 4G data speeds. More information on WiMax coverage roll-out can be seen in our recent post.

While connected to a 4G service, Sullivan did note that the EVO 4G was no game changer – yes it was fast, but it was not revolutionary. Sprint states that the new Android handset will offer speeds between 3 mbps and 6 mbps, with an occasional boost to 10 megabits per second. However, the test only showed an average of 2.5 mbps. If this is the case, then AT&T and T-Mobile have nothing to fear with their upcoming efforts.

Mark Sullivan tested the HTC EVO 4G for two days and in that time Sprint was never able to break the 3mbps barrier. If this is the case with all handsets then we have to wonder what the big deal is? Visit PC World to get a detailed review of these tests.

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  • haha Froyo is already on the evo:
    Woohoo! Not even out and froyo/root already

  • Antonio

    That's pretty damn fast for a phone. It sometimes feels like I'm on a 56k modem on my droid eris over 3g.

  • svargas05

    PC World has been posting negative reviews about the EVO 4G for some time already…

    I used to think they were fairly respectable, but every other tech site has rated the Evo as an excellent phone with 4G being very fast for those who can benefit.

    Dont be so quick to trust EVERY source….especially when the majority is reporting complete opposite of PCWorld (meaning theyre saying the Evo 4G wins)

    It's rather annoying reading such reports from the same people you'd expect….

  • WalcottNY

    I would not be surprised if your tester was trying this in a 3G area. In addition, I have personally tested the phone and received 4G above 3mbps as they claim, averaging about 4mbps for the past 3 days.