Fords Gas Pedals Stuck like Toyota: Floor Mat Issue

Ford and its stuck gas pedals problems caused by a floor mat issue – the same as Toyota – has now got the attention of the federal government, as they have now started an investigation. The models affected by the issue are the 2010 Mercury Milano and the Ford Fusion.

The NHTSA is still busy at work looking into the Toyota floor mat issue and now have to take on the same problem from a different automaker. This has been brought on by a number of complaints from drivers who claim that their gas pedals became trapped by its all weather floor mats, which as we know are unsecured.

It does seem strange that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating an issue with just three complaints – Frank Ahrens from The Washington Post points out that this is a very sensitive case brought on by Toyota who recently had the same problem with its floor mats.

We now wonder if Ford will issue a recall of these 2010 Fusions and Milanos? – If so then we could see 249,000 models being recalled, as this is the amount that has been sold in the U.S.


  • dcp

    The complaints in these cases involved all-weather rubber mats that were improperly stacked on top of the carpeted mats. Also, Ford all-weather mats DO have a retention system – they have a hole for the floor hook to engage, same as their carpeted mats. And it's Milan, not Milano.


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