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Apple iPad Came Before iPhone: Steve Jobs Explains

While at D8, Steve Jobs had shared some amazing stories, such as hinting that the iPhone 4G could have more carriers than the existing model, which you can read more about in our recent post. We were also shocked to learn that the iPad was first thought up long before Apple’s successful smartphone.

Jobs and his team had been working on the idea to do away with a keyboard in the early 2000s; they even had a prototype of such a device. The company decided to go the way of the cell phone and put the tablet device on the shelf, but we now know that they came back to that idea.

The original iPhone went on sale in 2007, but Apple had it in development long before that – the iPad had to wait even longer as it went on sale in April just gone in the U.S. and just a few days ago internationally. Apple could never have guessed how popular both devices would become – neither did experts in the industry.

We all assumed that these latest gadgets from Apple were going to sell well but never threaten the likes of Microsoft – the recent news that the former is now the largest technology company in the world was certainly a shock to the latter and us. Associated Press points out that this is only by market capitalization. For more details on this visit their website.



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