2011 Ford Fiesta Review: Pros and Cons

The 2011 Ford Fiesta is due out in Canada soon, so what better time for a review of the vehicle and what the first impressions are. Jeremy Sinek from MSN Autos had driven a European spec version of the 2011 Fiesta but never a North American version, which as we know has some fundamental changes.

It is no secret that the Fiesta is taking the U.S. by storm – this could have something to do with Americans and their latest love affair with the smaller car. It is no secret that in the past U.S. version of European vehicles have not gone down well – this is because they lose their character due to larger engines and less than perfect suspension, this is where the 2010 Ford Fiesta differs.

To prove this Sinek believes that the Fiesta handles almost as good as the Mercedes SLS AMG – not in grip but with pin-sharp steering. That in itself is an achievement, a supermini handling almost as good as a sports car.

As for those pros and cons, although the 2011 Ford Fiesta is small it is big on style, and drives much better than you would assume on the highway. The downside is that things are a little tight in the rear and the driving position can be uncomfortable for certain people. For a full review of the car visit the MSN Autos link above.



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