Woman Sues Google: Wrong Directions from Maps

By Peter Chubb - Jun 1, 2010

The news that a women is to sue Google over bad directions from her Google Maps GPS software on her smartphone does seem a little excessive, you would have thought that this was a joke but as the original source is PC World – we know this to be true.

Lauren Rosenberg was instructed to walk down a rural highway, there was no sidewalk there and as a result was hit by a car. She is now suing Google for $100,000 for medical expenses. Rosenberg is not just going after the search engine giant, she is said to be suing the driver of the vehicle who struck her as well.

We have to wonder how Rosenberg was unable to notice that she was walking down the middle of a highway. How could she sue a driver who had more right in his car than she did on the highway?

Lauren Rosenberg claims that she suffered emotional, physical and mental injuries, which has all been stated in her filing. We do not want to take sides but Google does warn that its walking direction program is still in the beta stage, so things like sidewalks or pedestrian paths could be missing from the software.

Do you think that the woman has a case to sue Google or the driver?

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  • josh

    This lady is probably jobless and looking for an easy buck. I can't stand people like this, but for some reason I bet she gets some type of settlement. Only in America.

  • kale

    so if google maps directs me across the ocean…and I almost drown during the swim…can I sue?

  • blair

    I definitely think by reading from the article that the woman was stupid by walking along a busy highway asking to be run over, even if google map was not listed the right instructions she should have used her comment sense, how can stupid can a person be!

  • albert

    stupid lady

  • Razmataz

    Maybe she should also sue the eye doctor for not giving her the right prescription. That was a joke similar to the idea of her suing someone for wrong directions. Good grief, could someone tell her that by being the idiot who walks down the highway and expecting a reward is ridiculous and yet typical of our judicial environment? Perhaps if the highway was under construction and she walked off an uncompleted portion she would have a reason to look where she was going…