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RuneScape Classic Reopened: However not Fully Supported by Jagex

If you had fun playing RuneScape Classic in the past you may be happy to hear that the browser-based MMO is now back online, however it is only available to members who played RuneScape Classic between 11th – 25th November 2009.

Despite it being back online it is thought that the game’s developer Jagex will not fully support the classic game, it seems as if it is back online for loyal players who want to roll back the years and experience RuneScape’s early version of their MMORPG.

If you have never played Runescape before, it is recommend that you play the latest and greatest version of RuneScape, you can do this by checking out this link here (as with all RuneScape versions it is completely free).

Are going to play RuneScape Classic again?

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